Tuesday, 23 December 2008

2008 ODF Awards Categories

Well folks, let's get cracking. We'll be rounding up the football year tonight on our one off Christmas podcast, so get your suggestions in before 8pm GMT and we'll tally up the results.

Suggestions required:
Best Player not called Ronaldo
Worst Player
Best & Worst Transfer so far this season - 1. Value for Money 2. Overall
Most Liked & Most Hated Player
Best & Worst Match
Hopes for the new year
Best & Worst Moment
Man of the Year

We'll be concentrating on the Premier League, but if you're a continental football buff, feel free to supply your corresponding nominations.

We will also have some other offbeat, one off awards, similar to last year's show.

We reserve the right to veto scurrilous nominations, but we will mention it in the podcast if we do.
No nominees are included as it might influence the voting, so you are on your own.

Please email your suggestions to comments@okeydokefootball.com rather than posting a comment on this blog, in order to keep the suspense.... However please comment below with any categories you think should be included, the wilder the better.



Mal said...

Worst transfer value for money nomination: Berbatov. 2 league goals for £31m is a pretty shit return in anybodies language.

Parrotbait said...

Miss of the year - Chris Iwelumo for Scotland
Goal of the year - Messi against Getafe http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=J5YlA5ZmQQQ

Mal said...

I should have said anybodies money, not anybodies language.

Parrotbait said...

Team of the year - Hoffenheim
Manager of the Year - Martin O'Neill

Mark said...

cheers lads, keep em coming

Anonymous said...

What about Robbie Keane???? A decent goal against the Arse does'nt exactly make him a roaring success,does it? If he's worth 20 mill,Berba's worth about 50!! And he's a lazy bastard!!!!
p.s. Re: Award categories.How about? "The special Steve Bruce award for the Manager who looks least like he used to when he was a player"?
Miss of the year?? The one and only JT!! HA,HA,HA.
And btw,how the fuck can Martin O'Neill win Manager of the year for finishing 5th in the premiership ahead of the Manager who won back to back titles and the Champions League?? You're talking through your hole!