Monday, 1 December 2008

United front

He wasn’t pushed.
There was no whistle.
“Not the face! Not the face!”

Really Slur Alex, you won the game, be a bit humble.
Later, JJ


Anonymous said...

Don't be a dick JJ!!! Nice to see you hav'nt lost your toch when it comes to predicting the outcome of Premiership games!!! Hope you did'nt put money on your Chelski- Shitty double, ya knob!

JJ said...

Ah LUHG it's been a while, very sensitive over the poor portugeezer. Enjoy his calendar at christmas.

All I was pointing out was that Ronnie deserved a yellow and that sir ferg predictably went to auto pilot (siege mentality). He's only missing a carling cup game anyway so no harm done all round really.

Yes my predictions reached a new low this weekend after a solid champo league-o showing mid week. Upon writing them I decided to stay at least 50 feet from any bookmakers over the weekend, which thankfully allowed me to enjoy John Terry losing properly.

Anonymous said...

You completley mis-read me Jaymeister!!! I hate the spoiled little prick I wanted United to sell him in the summer.I spotted his calender last weekend in lifestyle, it only served to confirm what a horrible human being he really is!
As for him only missing a Carling cup game that he would'nt have played in anyway, am I the only one that thinks that this is a big load of F.A. BOLLOCKS???
p.s. Do you think if Chelski lose at "The Bridge"(!) again this season, captain fantastic will burst into tears?? That would be nearly worth getting a subscription for Setanta!! Nearly!