Tuesday, 16 December 2008


So, McGeady is valued at £10m eh? And Bayern Munich, and, less surprisingly, Newcastle are interested in him, because of his, in no way exaggerated, bust up with Gordon Strachan.

Anyone familiar with his Ireland performances will have raised a eyebrow higher than Glenda Gilson. His Irish recruitment was seen as a coup (y'know, what with him being Scottish and all), but after 20 appearances, no goals, and precious little end product, I wouldn't mind swapping him for Darren Fletcher right now.

Celtic fans point to his 7 SPL goals, and 19 SPL assists last season (not to mention his Player of the Year & Young Player double award) and his decent CL performances. But would he do well in the Premier league? For a mediocre team like Newcastle? Not a chance.
Villa are known admirers, but it is hard to imagine him getting much playing time, and for £10m, that's a damning statement.



JJ said...

Well what with Ashley Young possibly off to Madrid (which I'd like to write off as bullshit but it makes all kinds of sense) Villa may have a few quid to spare.

I like McGeady actually and think he's done well for Ireland since Trap took over whereas he was wasted by Staunton, whom he made the majority of his appearances under. I could see him doing well in the Prem what with a fair few dodgy full backs and feck all natural wingers around.

Anonymous said...

McGeady never looks out of place on Champ league nights and certainly offers Ireland more than the likes of Stephen Hunt(If Tevez is a rich man's Dirk Kuyt, Hunt is probably Kuyt on 3 litres of Red Bull.) McGeady might have been a good fit at Sund but turning them down in the summer seemed like a good idea at the time. Can't see him moving in Jan but yeah he'll probably be linked to all sorts of trade rumours. Can't see O'Neill letting Young go too easily(maybe ye're Xmas pod will be one big apology to the new Big'Ead oops).
Shocked to see Allardyce linked to Blackburn job!!!! TMc

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Scottish football or the Ireland national team anyway??????????????

Anonymous said...

After the dire end to champions league qualifying the next round looks v. tasty. C'mon Zlatan for all the ABUers. TMc