Tuesday, 23 December 2008

ODF Awards 2008 Podcast Online

We're glad to be back for the end of the year awards, and frankly, to write a summary of what we discussed would be a disservice to us and indeed, would be longer than War and Peace.

So, download it, and Merry Christmas.



Buckley said...

Come off it. Tevez is far and away United's best striker.

Parrotbait said...

iTunes is being a dirty whore. I'm extremely drunk now and trying to trype as well as I can. Why is ur iTunes feed broken?I'm not happy with it and won't accept it. Fix it or I'll have to take things into my own hands which always ends in things beings broekn and stupid. i blame teh germans

Anonymous said...

Fucking itunes is't playing the game! What's the story?

Mark said...

ow my head! do i really need to solve this problem? itunes is a pain in the hole, they only update the feed every 24hours unless you ping it manually, to which i have lost the link.
can you's download it manually or use the feed ( http://feeds.feedburner.com/OkeyDokeFootball )?

Mark said...

ok, found the problem, feedburner wasn't updating the feed properly, so i fixed that.

Anonymous said...

Still not working chief!! Some Christmas this is turning out to be!!!!

Mark said...

not my fault (if it was i could fix it). looks like the feedburner xml is cached, so we have to wait for that to expire, i have tried pushing it through manually.

this is the feed source: http://www.okeydokefootball.com/2006/odf.xml

or yous can download the mp3 in the meantime

Anonymous said...

Speak English Marko! Will try that, thanks for the help!

jd said...

epic pod lads... glad to hear ye are keeping up wit da press ups!!!...

2q's then...does anyone know anything about man u's new signings?!? and why are city being linked with second rate players(bellamy,santa cruz,defoe etc) if they are thr richest club in the world??

1st comment of 2009-boom!

p.s. c'mmon billy davies!!!!let's be avin u!!


JJ said...

Alright JD, the city thing startles me as well - santa cruz nor bellamy gurantee goals and defoe is never going to be world class.

I'd put it down to the lack of imagination of english journos actually (see two years of 'oba martins to arsenal' headlines for exhibit A). Combine that with english based agents trying to drum up interest in their frankly average players and hey presto - a million and one headlines about craig bloody bellamy.

And as for the two serbs... eh no idea at all but Jonathan Wilson will no doubt have an in depth piece on them in the guardian in a few days. The last double swoop - anderson and nani - haven't exactly set the world alight recently so no guarntees really.