Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Admit it, you’ve missed him…

Well folks,

First off, congrats to Kopblog for their win at the Blog Awards... the Academy goes for the safe choice eh, now me and Mark know how Mickey Rourke feels.... I mean, worthy winners, well done lads*.

Ahem, anyway, moving onwards and upwards... in honour of Jose Mourinho bounding back onto our screens tonight here’s some choice moments of ‘his’ from Gift Grub. Included are absolutely no clips of the Setanta Spitting Image-esque show featuring Mourinho and Wayne Rooney which is frankly, well, shit. How are they both produced by the same bloke with such different results? Then again, even Apres Match had a dodgy three or four years before the return to form last summer at the Euros. So, without further ado…

Shaddaup a ya face

The technicolour overcoat

Back to school

Sign a little player or two

Don't stop me now

Oh and I’m going for 2-1 to Inter tonight. Mainly because I hate the very thought of Unireh (sic) winning anything else this season rather than any football reasons. Come on Zlatan...

(*It's actually an excellent site. The jilted hopeful approach is way more fun to write though.)

Later, JJ


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I miss him. Like a hole in the top of my skull!! He's a poisonous,self obsessed,egotistical attention seeking little man, who speaks in slow deliberate tones to make himself sound intelligent and important, he actually sounds like a spa! "I cink we will beat ze European Champions" Fuck off Mourinho, back to whatever rock you crawled out from. I don't like him!
Did you know,Mourinho made United great again??? Cheers you little cunt!

JJ said...

Least he didn't under your skin eh?

Mark said...

I hate mourinho and hope he retires from the game but I'll take him never coming back to manage in england

jd said...

jose-if you are reading this-please stay where you are, seeing you once a year is enough for me..

more importantly.....

man utd

all to qualify for the next round at 83/1-COME ON!!!!