Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Crossbar Challenged

Afternoon people,

It’s only in the last two years that I’ve actually begun to like Soccer AM. When I say like though, that doesn’t mean I can actually sit through it. It’s three frickin hours long after all. But instead, now that there’s no chance of seeing Tim Lovejoy’s gimpy visage on the screen each week, the show is a little more accessible and in between the generally inane, often jaw droppingly stupid* interview styles of Helen Chamberlain and Generic Laddish Male beside her (I haven’t the time nor the inclination to memorise the name of whatever chump they have in with Chamberlain), there are some moments on the show which are genuinely decent.

After initial misgivings I’ve even begun to like Tubes; maybe I haven’t seen the gag often enough to be sick of it but moments such as this with Ian Brown are pretty funny in a hungover-on-a-Saturday-morning kind of way. Skill Skool is also very decent (oh and the Soccerette thing has its merits obviously…) but chatting with a mate the other week we were both struck by how completely hypnotic the whole Crossbar Challenge phenomenon is.

Just how is it that a load of professional footballers kicking a ball from the halfway line in an attempt to hit the bar can be so entertaining? Maybe I am as stupid as many of my teachers thought but frankly I’ve watched about 50 of these and still I want more. Is anyone else as dumb as me? It’s been going on for five years now so obviously there are others out there.

Anyway, here’s some more, and some more… and some more. Idiotic? Yes. Entertainment for the dumbed-down generation? Absolutely.

Later, JJ

*Interview style example:
Generic Laddish Male to Ray Winstone: “Is it true you’d sacrifice all your roles just to get an England cap?” Winstone: "Eh... 'course yeah."
Seriously, how many levels of stupid is this fucking question? Good luck on the shopping channel chief.

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