Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Bendtner Update…

He’s still shit


soupnazi said...

Yeah hardly breaking news tho'. Bendtner still shite should be a valid headline as long as he has a hole in his arse. Thought Dunphy was going to have a "tired and emotional" last night as he almost came close to saying "it's about the children!"

JJ said...

Good call soupnazi, eamonn went all helen lovejoy on the nation with that rant.

He's made emotional appeals for ferguson to go/stay/drop ronaldo/keep the romance in the game in the past.

Alongside eulogies for kaka, wenger, scolari (good call there eamo), deco and more before going on rants about all the aforementioned being over-hyped. I'd say his family wheel him into another room when he goes on such a rant back at chez dunphy.