Wednesday, 6 May 2009

They are the resurrection…

Woo-hoo! After months of turgid chat about Ronaldo and rabid ranting from Eamon on so many other topics that often brought Giles and Bill down to his level, the RTE panel are back from the dead.

Proper agro – check.
Riled Gilsey – check.
Unimpressed interloper – how are ya Graeme.

It had it all, enjoy!

As for tonight, after last week when I was disgusted by Chelsea (see below for more) I have a horrible feeling they’ll go through this evening by a 3-2 scoreline or maybe 2-1. It has to be better than last week though, after all Guus Hiddink is a tactical genius right?

It’s not as if the broadsheet writers who laud him at present praised Scolari for “brilliantly” using Deco at the start of the season or praised Avram Grant for bringing “harmony” to the dressing room towards the end of last season… oh wait.

To be honest, the more I’ve thought about Chelsea this past week the more it’s clear that there’s a nucleus of players at the club who are happy to take on a manager’s ideas for a certain time until it starts to go wrong, at which point all the toys are thrown out of the pram and, most likely, into a disabled parking spot.

Rant over, come on Barcelona, knock these bastards out!

Cheers, JJ


Buckley said...

Don't find myself agreeing with Sounnes on most things, but i think he was right here. Just that Giles or Dunphy's pigheadedness when it comes to Wenger, who can do no wrong as far as they are concerned wouldn't allow them to agree.

soupnazi said...

Dunno for once Eamo had a valid point about Flamini, but glad to see the Souness love-in has ended at least temporarily. Re. Deco it's easy to knock him now but I'd say he's had as many decent games this season as Ryan Giggs despite being pushed out of the team by that insufferable clique at Chelsea. One of ye lads compared him to Veron at the beginning of thee season though which proved scarily accurate, ye must have better luck at the bookies than yours truly