Thursday, 24 May 2007


Well folks,

JJ here, hungover but decidedly not as heartbroken as I expected. A good performance from Liverpool was needed and that's exactly what happened last night. But something was pretty obvious to anyone watching...

Liverpool dominated possession but... didn't have a world class striker to lead the line. Starting with Kuyt was the safe option and I'm disappointed that Rafa chose that route.

Otherwise, in no particular order, here's what we also learned last night :

- Pennant is a willing runner, has decent skill but unless his crossing improves massively he'll be back playing for Birmingham this time next year.

- Zenden is everything we ever thought he was. So that's uninspiring, unremarkable and unbelievable that he should find himself playing in a European Cup final.

- Gerrard should never play as a support striker. He would have proved far more effective in the middle or on the wing. This would have allowed a second recognised striker and added a lot more cutting edge to the attack.

- Kaka is a beautiful footballer. His Zidane turn in the first half was genius, while his pass for the second goal was pure gold. Legend in the making, already half way there.

Anyway, I'm sure there's more but my head is way to shaky for any deep thinking. Overall, nothing to be ashamed off and next year awaits. The purge has begun already with Gonzalez, Kewell and Zenden on their way out. Roll on a summer of transfer links of anyone with a decent left peg.


Mal said...

I won't be sad to see Zenden leave. He had a couple of decent games but nowhere near enough. He gives his all but he isn't good enough, and everyone knows it. I'm a little bit surprised about Gonzalez but he hasn't lived up to expectations so fair enough. He may not have settled and doesn't really look suited to the premiership. If the fee is the rumoured £5m then it's decent business.

JJ said...

Shit 5 million, take the money and run!!! The Betis chairman obviously slept through this season for the most part.

Good player but never going to be good enough, that will be the hard part in the coming months when they're buying in new blood.

New cash better mean quality players.

Anonymous said...

Not really about the game as such more frustration at that annoying twat king of hindsight ray (I just feel he could've.......)fuckwit houghton. Any game where he provides the color commentary in the shade of "the better option might've been.....etc. has to be watched with the sound muted as the only option! Gerrard shoots low immediately greeted by fuckwit "I just feel if he'd've lifted it high". Alonso passes right "Why didn't he look left......" AAAAAAAGGGGGGGH fine player and all busy industrious etc. but please just fuck off and die!!!!!!!!!!

Mal said...

Gonzalez was superb for Sociedad last season and almost single handidly kept them up. There were rumours of the spanish big guns sniffing around him last summer. Maybe Betis feel that he'll be able to recapture that form back in Spain.