Friday, 25 May 2007

End of Season Awards

Hi Folks,
Mark here.

This week's podcast is online & we discuss:
FA Cup and Champions League opinion. Pub talk featuring Newcastle, Baptista and more. We hate John Terry and the categories for Okey Doke awards

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Please send us in your suggestions for our end of season awards, which we will cover in next weeks podcast. The categories are:

  1. Most hated player
  2. Most hated team
  3. Biggest waste of space
  4. Stupid move of the season
  5. Reason to watch football
  6. Worst tackle
  7. Worst kit
  8. Worst haircut
  9. Worst excuse
  10. Worst pundit
  11. Worst manager

Please leave your suggestions below or email

(note: we are open to new categories)

As promised, here is the link to the wonderful Graham Taylor documentary from 1993:




tyduffy said...

1. Ashley Cole
2. Chelsea
3. Michael Ballack
4. 30m GBP for Sheva
5. Sir Alex celebrating like an effeminate old man after Man U score
6. Anything by Scholes
7. Middlesbrough Home
8. Fletcher
9. Any of the ones Wigan have tried to pull out that hasn't been they are shit.
10. Pleat
11. Psycho

Mark V said...

Thanks for that ty, we'll be sure to mention it.
(checked out your blog too, nice one..)

Parrotbait said...

1. Big Fat Stupid cunting Frank Lampard.,8556,-10305005927,00.html&h=350&w=220&sz=21&hl=en&start=2&um=1&tbnid=VDoFG4ICaVW5dM:&tbnh=120&tbnw=75&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dfat%2Bfrank%2Blampard%26svnum%3D10%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN

2. Landslide for Chelski
3. Big Fat Stupid cunting Frank Lampard.
4. Stan Staunton put as manager of the country, insane decision. Second place : Pardew trying to sell Darren Bent when he too over as manager of Charlton. West Ham bidding 17million and Charlton not accepting.
5. the annual Chelski-Liverpool semi-final of the Champions league and the Terry waterworks show.
6. Barton on Dabo
7. Palermo's home kit

8. Dirk Kuyt, for looking too much like this guy

9. Anything by Wenger
10. Tommy Smyth, seriously look him up he is the most infuriating 'Oirishman' ever. Heres proof of the love people have for him

11. Jose Mourinho. For taking over 300 million quid and making a team play boring boring predictible football. Somehow being short on centre-backs all year and playing one of their best players at centre back, having fuck all upfront except for Drogba, for stifling one of the best attacking midfielders in the world to allow Fat Frank be the fulcrum of the team, for signing Cashley and for their tactics of being cheating diving cunts.

Celebration of the season : would have to go to Shane Long for his rugby tackle on the Reading Mascot or for Corradi's knighting of Barton.

Mal said...

Has to be Rio for worse haircut.

Mark V said...

thanks for the suggestions lads

Mr C said...

1. Lampard surely?
2. Man City, boring, boring, boring. At least Chelsea had moments of quality.
3. Shevchenko aside, Matty Upson (24 mins for 7.5m), Luis Boa Morte (pointless panic buy), Kalou (just hasn't got it) and Mido.
4. Woodgate to M'Boro. Moving to your childhood team might be touching but an inevitably pointless waste of talent. Alan Shearer anyone?
5. Gary O'Neil's preference for going for the top corner from 40 yards at any posible oppertunity.
6. Either of the two that KO'd Pedro Mendez.
7. Man City away.
8. Robben: Just reach for the clippers!
9. The wholoe Paul Jewell/Phil Dowd (I think) thing.
10. Lawrenson
11. Gareth Southgate.

iRich said...

1. Jens Lehmann

2. Being a Wolves fan I have to say... Wolves. Every year they get to the playoffs and every year they get knocked out. They are the biggest prick-tease of a football team ever.

3. Middlesborough FC

4. Pretty much anyone bought by Aston Villa. I mean, they bought (and still have) Eric Djemba-Djemba, haven't they learnt?

5. I live on the west coast of Canada which means all European football games are on any time between 4am and lunchtime. This usually means that I am either getting in from the bar when they start or getting up from having been in the bar which are the best times to watch football.

6. The 12 or so non-tackles by Man Utd's defense allowing Kaka to score Milan's second at Old Trafford.

7. I'm still not sure what colour Bayern Munich traditionally wear. Are they red? Mauve? Red and grey? Red and blue? It seems to change every other season.

8. John Terry. It's like he asked the barber for about 5 separate 'trendy' hairstyles but all the barber heard was 'make me look like a cross between Billy Idol and a toilet brush'.

9. Neil Warnock blaming everything on teams fielding understrength teams despite doing just that at least once during the season.

10. If you live anywhere in North America you are forced to watch 'soccer' on ESPN with commentary from Tommy Smyth "with a Y" (sic). He has many very irritating tendencies but probably the worst is when he is describing a goal he starts off fairly unanimated but then suddenly becomes highly excited and his voice gets higher and louder until he is just making non-sensical noises which Americans puts down to his 'funny Irish accent'.

11. Paul LeGuen