Monday, 28 May 2007

Podcast Format Announcement

Mark here.

We will be continuing, bar holidays, during the summer with the podcast.
To save ourselves from tedious transfer gossip for the whole show, we'll probably be doing a slightly shorter show, about 30 mins. We may not be strictly sticking to the Thursday night/Friday morning schedule as during the season, but we'll give you advance notice of the next show.

As it's summer it's a time to kick back, relax, crack open beer (no change then) and some of the ideas we will be covering are:

Where are they now?
African football leagues, what's going on there?
Irish Eircom League (depending on factors outside our control)

We will, of course be covering as much of Copa America as we can see.
Pub talk will remain, but we will try as much as possible to avoid rumours and only speak of actual transfers.

From mid-July onwards, we will be doing brief team by team season previews as part of our build up, and from mid-August we will be back as normal.

Priority 1 this summer is to improve voice and sound clip quality, once we learn how to properly use the audio software...

We'd like to thank everyone who has listened this season, we've had a good laugh doing it so far, and the next podcast is out on Wednesday night (GMT).

Some random football thoughts for the day:
Congrats to Derby on promotion, we'll see if Barnes is any good in the Prem
McClaren seems to be digging a hole for himself with this Beckham recall, a catch 22 situation.
Reports that Abramovich won't be bankrolling Chelsea will surely lead to a tedious summer of Lampard/Terry to 'x' club. Spare us...


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