Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Moving & Shaking

Hi Folks,
Mark here.

I'm back blogging again today as JJ is off pressing the flesh with some movers and shakers. I don't want to give out much details but lets just say: Okey Doke Movie.

Onto football - I really can't believe Robson has been put in as manager to Sheffield United. These football directors have a lot to answer for. (You can see Captain Marvel's stats here: http://www.football365.com/story/0,17033,8652_2141175,00.html) Why do football clubs persist in hiring these losers? No doubt there is a big fat contract and certain fee upon sacking - the only profession that gets rewarded for not doing their job successfully.

Our old friend Tom Hicks was in the news today - he gave an interview to the Guardian (http://football.guardian.co.uk/championsleague200607/story/0,,2085138,00.html) - and will have angered nobody with the following quote: "No-one likes the word franchise. It's not a franchise but it is a franchise. It's a unique club that has such an affinity with its fans, both locally and really globally. That is a franchise"

Despite the deal for Liverpool being the exact same situation as at United, less £100m or so, there has been little comment or protest from Liverpool fans. Why? They were already in debt, whoring themselves around the world for the past 3/4 seasons in the hope of a suitor, and have failed since 1990 to win the League, despite many good cup victories. So the money will be welcome, but if anyone thinks the £40m promised this summer will be enough to challenge for the title, they'll be very optimistic indeed. In reality, the previous Liverpool board failed commercially, whilst Man Utd left them behind in financial stakes. Man Utd may have a bigger debt, but they have a considerably larger revenue and profit than the Pool to pay it off with. Man Utd get £25m per season plus any profit made from player sales. Will Liverpool get £40m every season? And, even if they do, will they be accused of 'buying' the league? Will their big name targets come - Eto'o, Torres, Tevez? Answers below please.

I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of the Champo League-o final, I got my prediction right for last Saturday. Lets see if I can get lucky for the second time this year...


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JJ said...

Marko, marko, marko, must you harp on about the Liverpool owners so much. Whoring themselves around the world is quite harsh on a club that turned down major investment on several occasions until the right deal came along.

Also, one of the reasons Liverpool fans have welcomed this is because they've seen that the world didn't end when United were taken over by the yanks. Despite all the armageddon talk, Man U have still invested majorly in new players and have won the league.

Liverpool needed investment, they got it, and that's that. Were they the first side to be taken over by Americans instead of Man U, or indeed if any other club such as Spurs, Everton or even Man Ciity been taken over by the dollar, I'm sure their fans would have reacted in as paranoid a manner as FC United et al.