Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Don't Jump The Gun

Don't listen to Van Halen, there's no need to 'go ahead and jump' to conclusions after the opening weekend in the Premiership.

So, I'm gonna try to throw some rational thoughts in here.

Man United - sure, a poor result against a team they were supposed to beat but they lost their striker at half time and despite a squad of approximately 400, had no one to replace him. It's hard enough to score with strikers at times, and I'm sure that they will bounce back in their next two fixtures to Pompey (despite a poor recent record, lost 3 of 4) and Man City.

Spurs - they were frankly rubbish but it was opening game of the season away against a newly promoted side with something to prove, and only lost with a goal in the last minute. There's still 37 games to go.

Villa - to all the Villa fans I've argued with, Saturday's performance did not match your enthusiasm for a Uefa Cup finish.

Liverpool - job well done, but winning against a poor team is necessary, and you still needed a great goal from a dubious freekick to win it.

Man City - probably the easiest game in which for them to look good - the first game of the season in which nobody knew what their line-up or formation would be, and Sven was pitted against the tactical master that is Curbs.

Arsenal - despite winning, showed all their old frailties from last year. As for Hleb, you're still crap.

Chelsea - Wright-Philips looks like a footballer again. Against Birmingham. Malouda looks good. A title push in the offing but playing nice football at home to a newly promoted team doesn't mean we're in for total football, Holland 74 style.

Fulham & Birmingham - some jammy goals against Lehman and Glen Johnson respectively. That's it.

Newcastle - good performance but if anyone would know how to beat Bolton, it is their former manager

Blackburn - beating Middlesbrough is not an achievement, but keep up the hard work

Yours in perspective,


JJ said...

I liked Sven's comment today that "maybe I didn't have a player like elano" during his time with england as a reason for his failures with the little englander squad.

So that's a roundabout way of saying... "well eh, if I could have picked foreigners you might have had a chance. I picked Neville. Both of them, enough said." And he picked up 5 million a year. A king among men.

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