Monday, 20 August 2007

Pointless trophies; Pointless Arguments; Ah just bring on next Saturday

Hi all, JJ here,
There was a time when the argument for using video footage and goal-line technology to sort out refereeing mistakes was a worthy and interesting enough debate. However, that time has long since passed and in keeping with an editorial decision made by myself and Mark some time ago (we were drunk at the time but it still counts), Okeydokefootball tries not talk about such changes to the game.

Mainly, because it bores the arse off me, Mark and just about anyone else forced to think about it. If it happens great, if it doesn’t then we’ll just go on dealing with incidents like Fulham’s goal that wasn’t on Saturday and Florent Malouda’s dive for Jose’s “naive” team as we always have done. Cursing the ref and sobbing into our pints.

This weekend saw plenty of interesting moments that made you wonder how you survived the summer with only transfer gossip to keep you warm. You all know about yesterday’s games and some of Saturday’s action was decent too. However, away from the Premiership, things in Europe’s other two top leagues are getting into the swing of things.

AC Milan beat Juve two nil at the weekend in a warm up game; the final of the Berlusconi Trophy (old Silvio really must get over that inferiority complex of his). The goals can be seen here: Also the pic above is of Silvio presenting the trophy to the living legend that is Gennaro Gattuso… you think the ex Italian Prime Minister compensating for anything? Big trophy… anyhoo...

It will be interesting to see how the Italian league pans out this year and I think we’d all like to see a decent Serie A season after Inter’s admittedly enjoyable romp to the title by Christmas last time out. Milan’s win, as well as Roma’s defeat of Inter in the Italian version of the Community Shield (they call it the Super Cup in case you don’t think it’s important…here it is anyway:, will mean little when the league starts this Saturday. However, the suspicion is that Inter, AC, Roma, Fiorentina and even the returning Juve may well have a good battle for the title.

In Spain, Fredi Kanoute scored a hat trick for Sevilla as they battered Real Madrid 5-3 in the Spaniards’ season opener (which, like the Italian one, goes over two legs, therefore elongating pointlessness which is a concept that pretty much sums up pre-season games). Check out two of his goals here: and here:

Both leagues kick off next week with a Madrid derby in Spain, and Inter starting things off at home to Udinese. Ah more football, bring it on.


Mark said...

what bets on ranieri to not achieve CL qualification & then be sacked. another nice big pay off coming?

as for real madrid and schuster, they're not makiing a good start despite paying loads of money for players they don't really need (hmm, sounds like united)

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