Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Farewell to Solskjaer

The news of Solksjaer retiring today has been met with an outpouring of genuine emotion from Man Utd fans, and many neutrals.
It is not hard to see why. Not only was he a great goalscorer, he was happy in his role as supersub, not least in the 8-1 demolition of Nottingham Forest, when he came from the bench
to score 4. He was willing to sacrifice himself for United, as shown in this foul on Rob Lee!

He had many chances to leave United, most notably to Spurs in '98, but decided to stay at the club that he had grown to love (despite being a Liverpool fan growing up)

A compilation of his career can be seen here - Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

Of course, no tribute to Ole can be complete without mentioning that night in Barcelona when his goal won the Champions League.

He finished his United career with 126 goals in 235 games and inspired a great terrace chant:

You are my Solskjaer my Ole Solskjaer,

You make me happy when skies are grey,

Oh Alan Shearer was F***ing dearer,

So Please don't take my Solskjaer away


The transfer gossip has been growing a bit more intense in recent days. Villa are rumoured to be buying Zat Knight for £4m, a player who will surely help them recapture the European Cup, what with he being a reserve central defender and all....
Liverpool are in for The Beast Baptista, which sounds completely made up, and Chelsea will sign Ronaldinho for £50m, which is so untrue it hurts. I can imagine tubby Ron joining in the rigourous training sessions, and being prepared to track back in every match. Knowing Mourinho, he'd back at left back before long.



Parrotbait said...

Always liked Solskjaer even though I support Liverpool, a likable enough fella seemed to genuinely enjoy playing football.

Speaking of Liverpool, they need a centre back not a fat bastard with a reputation for hissy fits shown last year.Surely this story has no legs on it whatsoever.

The Zat Knight story made me laugh. The transfer market is well and truely inflated if he goes to Villa for 4million..would be a complete joke of a transfer.

Ye might enjoy this, the real reason Mr. Lampard hasn't signed a contract yet....his demands


Mark said...

i never saw much of paletta but he must have been bad to be let go back to argentina. strange that he didn't pick up someone, especially since Hyppia is getting old now and makes Jaap Stam look like the fastest man in the world

i saw the contract pics, seems pretty normal to me :)

Mark said...

oops, forgot he tried to sign Heinze, guess i was thinking of him as a left back rather than a CB.

jack Hobbs is coming through: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Hobbs_%28footballer%29

he's a centre back but has been playing in centre mid

maybe rafa will move sissoko back or convert arbeloa?

JJ said...

I too liked the little injury prone norwegian despite my allegiances. Farewell ole, it'll be easier to hate the bastards without ya.

Knight's transfer, along with Danny Higginbotham going to sunderland, proves we really are down to the desperate last few days of the transfer window.

Any takers for Harry Kewell? Anybody? Nope? Ah well, here's your 70 grand for this week's work on the treatment table Goutboy.

Mark said...

aparently the gout might be off to real sociedad, which means chris coleman is really desperate. or he wants some english speaking company

John said...

Solskjaer was a poxy little cunt. Good riddance.

Mark said...

haha, first thing to make me laugh today!


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