Thursday, 16 August 2007

ODF Podcast 16 Aug 07 Online

Above: A Portrait of the idiot as a young man.
Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online now.

We discuss:
Fixtures & Results - great starts for Man City, Everton & Sunderland, and what's going on at Spurs?
Pub Talk - Keano (naturally), Lazio, Japan, Silva, Cassano, Frank TV and lots more

Hate Section - Mr Andy Gray is the subject our ire this week, listen to find out why (as if you can't guess!). This is probably not his former wife Janet Trigg, Face of the 80's 'beauty'.
Is this Jackie Cherry, another wife? But this is definitely Suzanne Dando.
And this is probably not Rachel Lewis, but she has the same name as our Andy's hotel lover.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Download it:



JJ said...

Whether that's rachel 'tabloid lover' lewis or not, it's a decent pic nonetheless. I'll avoid any 'oh ya beautieeeeeeeeeeee' references, oh wait...

Mark said...

i'd also like to add that I don't know why I called andy 'gary', perhaps some dyslexia creeping in. And yes, the world cup was in 2006, not 2007.

tyduffy said...

Great podcast guys. I am firmly on board with your plan to make "lampard" into a recognized term. If "gynormous" can make it into the dictionary, lampard has a chance.

Mark said...

cheers ty.
a link to the Frank TV promo...
Warning: do not eat while watching

darmcv said...

Just watched that Fat Frank link. That man is a tit. I'd punch him if i seen him only I'm a coward and he's a professional athlete. so even if I did clock him one and run, his pre season fitness work would kick in and he'd hunt me down before I got far and set one of his animal mates on me, I'm thinking Jodie Morris. Be worth it though, I'd film it and send it to Orange.

JJ said...

"The magic of chelsea is not about one thing..." cue HUGE commentary screaming "It's Lamparrrrrrrd!!!!". I think Frank might think the magic of Chelsea comes from somewhere fairly close to home actually. The tit.

So no one is allowed to see those dogs eh? Well like the time he tried to shove a bottle of bud up some pissed girl in greece, he once again lets the camera into his 'quiet time'. The tit.

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