Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Champions League Preview

AC Milan vs Arsenal (Agg 0-0)

Arsenal go into this game with some injury worries, notably upfront, but I think a good bet is for Arsenal to get a score draw here, with Adebayor to make up for his injury time, open goal miss.
Gallas and Toure need to be on form to keep it tight at the back. Wenger and beautiful football? Not this time. 4-5-1 with increasing counter attacks as the game wears on. Arsenal's tempo and speed could hurt Milan's aging legs.
prediction: 1-1

Barcelona Vs Celtic (Agg 3-2)

Well, it's really all over bar the shouting for Celtic. They have done brilliantly to get this far but even a terrible Barca performance should see them through. Hell, even Henry looked good against them 2 weeks ago.
Prediction 2-0

Man Utd Vs Lyon (Agg 1-1)

As I said on the podcast, this looks like a routine 2-0 win for United. They should beware Benzema & Ben Arfa on the counter but there is a big difference in class between the 2 sides (which was strangely not evident in the first leg). Also, a great chance for Ronaldo and Tevez to prove themselves in a big game
Prediction 2-0

Sevilla v Fenerbahce (Agg 2-3)
Has the makings of a rip-roaring European tie. Sevilla are dodgy in defense and good in attack, and you'd have to imagine the Turks will need to score at some point. End to end stuff.
Prediction 2-1

Enjoy the night,


JJ said...

three of your four picks are through, not bad going old boy

Mark said...


cassano goes mad (again)

Rushden and Diamonds fan said...

My predictions for today...

Chelsea 3-0
FC Porto 2-1 Schalke
Real Madrid 0-1 Roma

Rushden fan.

JJ said...

Shitting hell rushden, fair play on the roma result, thought they'd fold.

darren said...

my predictions for the draw

Fernabache v Schalke
Roma v Liverpool
Barcelona v Man Utd
Arsenal v Chelsea

You see if I'm wrong wedding boy!

ODF said...

predictions for the draw:

Liverpool V Chesea
Man Utd V Roma
Barcelona V Arsenal
Fernabache v Schalke