Monday, 31 March 2008

That Was The Weekend

A couple of quick points from the weekend...
  • United were excellent against Villa, but their profligacy will cost them dearly in the CL. O'Neill needs to recruit heavily in the summer, and not on players of the ilk of Harewood
  • It's the beginning of a tough period for Avram Grant. Being booed after a 1-0 victory shows the fans are getting restless. It won't get any easier on the run-in. My money is on Grant moving back upstairs in the summer
  • Liverpool seem destined to cling onto 4th spot. Much has been made of Moyes' ambition, but there are no realistic, higher profile jobs in the offing. Could you see him being offer the Chelsea job, for example?
  • Sunderland are going to do it, aren't they? Despite buying over-priced, shit players, Keane has proved to be a good manager and an endearingly honest (if hypocritical) one at that. More please!
  • Newcastle win in style away from home... it was only Spurs, but still, Keegan is buying himself some time. If they can finish the season strongly, the feel-good factor will be back. Now all he needs is massive transfer budget....
  • Man City's woes have been expertly picked apart here before I had the chance. Suffice to say, the report card reads 'Must do better'. A top 10 finish would be a improvement but he has spent big. Sven, play attacking football.


Parrotbait said...

Yep sunderland gonna do it alright, Keane looks like he's gonna get a big fat contract too from Quinn and more money to spend next year.
Idiots, theres no-one left at Man U to pillage will have to go and get rubbish Celtic players he knows now!

Parrotbait said...

Saw this on, top 15 goals from football Italia
Hard to pick a winner....
For craziness I'd pick Alymedas mad goal, Bressans was class too bit of a freak goal, not picking tottis cos I hate him