Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Champo League-o Chow Mein

Chinese buffets are an example of something that can be awful yet still too tantalising to dismiss altogether. Okay, some of the meat is dry and chewy but at the same time for gorging fat yokes like me, we just skip over that, get whatever seems halfway decent and then once you find something you like keep coming back for more.

I don’t how good an analogy this is for the Champions League – as poor as some buffet beef I’d imagine – but coming in a season where there has been some terrible football in this competition (especially in the group stages), and indeed where the hype has been markedly less all-consuming as years past, we still find reasons to watch most games and listen to countless hours of CL analysis. Perhaps the appearance of an English side in each of the last three finals has taken some of the unpredictability and spice away from it for fans here; but still it’s a tournament that pulls us all in whatever Tuesday and Wednesday it appears.

Anyway, yes, we know that United will beat Roma over two legs, yes we know Barcelona will meander through their games against Schalke 04 (possibly even losing the first leg before destroying them at the Nou Camp); we also know that Arse v Pool will be as tight as a duck’s arse and we’re all certainly aware that Chelsea v Fenerbache will send many a spectator to sleep.
But in amongst all that, there are still enough side shows and faint possibilities of upsets to keep us entertained. The tie at the Emirates tomorrow may not be a classic but certainly as a Pool fan, it will be a compelling, tense affair. I can see Liverpool edging it over two legs for no more reason than it’s the last thing the club has to fight for this year. Arsenal look tired and the battle at the Reebok will have taken a lot out of them.

As I’ve said, I think United, Chelscum and Barca will get through in the other ties, setting up one excellent semi final (Man U v Barca) and one semi final that everyone who likes decent football had hoped would never happen again (Pool v Grant’s Barmy Crying Army). ‘Shit on a Stick 08’… not really that attractive is it, but then, like a customer near bursting point who spots some fresh prawn chow mein, there'll be no keeping us away from it.


On another note I started playing six a side football last night and was shocking. My opinions on all things football should be discounted for the next week at least. Next Monday hopefully I will improve on my deft passes into touch and clearances straight to the opposition. As Keano might say, it’s great being a hypocrite.

Later, JJ


ODF said...

are you the new Gerrard then?

JJ said...

I have a forehead at the very least.