Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Audi seats and all that

So here we are then, a week on from the frankly cruel tease that was the nil all draw in the Nou Camp (Camp Nou, feckin massive stadium in Barcelona or whatever it’s called), the real semi final happens now with enough drama to keep everyone on the edge of the seats. In Alex Ferguson’s case it will be the edge of those rather expensive looking Audi seats at Old Trafford which look rather comfortable.

What will be less comfortable altogether is United at 0-0, United at 1-0, or even United at 2-1. You suspect if Barcelona get one tonight, they’ll get two (I’ve never heard so many predictions of 2-2 from different people about one game for instance), but you’d suspect that in an open game United are liable to score anywhere between one and five.

In short, it should be game of the season and we all hope it will be. I think Henry should start for Barcelona for one as his pace caused problems last week and his obvious desire to prove himself in front English fans and media is a huge incentive. Essentially it’s to feed his massively inflated ego – as was his embarrassing whore job on Football Focus earlier this week saying he would only come back to Arsenal when just one year ago he said he’d never leave the club. Kiss that badge Mr Henry! And a whore job in the same room as Garth Crooks no less... eeeeewwwwww.

I have the suspicion with Terry Henry that one of two things will happen – he will score the goal to get Barcelona through or he will miss the chance that leads to them being knocked out. Either option has its merits.

As for United ‘unravelling’, it’s telling to actually see some of the press conferences that journalists use for their columns. Daniel Taylor said Ferguson had gone into rant mode with his “disaster” speech when in fact I just thought it was the man’s naturally odd sense of humour coming to the fore. Yes, he’s made strange decisions of late but to question his judgement overall is idiotic. He’s won too much and stuck the knife into too many sides (and journalists) over the years to care what anybody thinks.

Losing away to Chelsea has no shame attached to it, neither does a draw away at Barcelona and another away at Blackburn (when they should have won 4-1 at least had Brad Friedel not turned into some bald Superman) – and that’s whether the strongest or weakest sides are on the pitch. United will still win the league, as for tonight… weighing everything up… I’ll go for, well 2-2.


Quick note.... Sven being sacked=disaster for City.

Later folks, JJ


Anonymous said...

yeah sven a big loss to city and dunne going to newcastle where careers go to die disastrous for ireland. step in trappa tell him just say no. messi deserved a goal last night and think eboue might be shagging adebayor if his delight as dance partner monday night anything to go by

JJ said...

That's a whole lot of information in six lines - I agree on sven obviously and I would hope dunne is smarter than some other irish internationals and doesn't head up to newcastle to coast into retirement while becoming another 'geordie hero' who wins fuck all.

The dancing was about the only entertaining thing in that game on monday - that and guessing just how bad derby's other keepers are if roy carroll was between the sticks.

As for last night, barca reminded me of arsenal last season - lovely football but no end product and an absolute refusal to try something else other than picking their way through a united defence that looked excellent despite a change of personnel. Ronaldo duely lived up to Dunphy's disgrace to football rant last week with all his moaning, but all in all United deserved to go through... but as for this bollocks of being the best 'footballing' side in Europe, i think we can safely store that under 'bollocks' for now.

Buckley said...

You'd swear Earnshaw had been banging them in all season with his celebration. And how cringworthy were Arsenal, eeeeugh! They make my skin crawl.

Barca played all the football over the two legs. United done what they had to, which was win ugly. Which is what they had to do really, when you're big player, someone you rely so heavily on can't do it in the big games then thats what happens.

Darrinho said...

Is Park Ji Sung/Ji Sung Park the new Sally Kewell?

Anonymous said...

Are United turning into Liverpool in Europe? Bore the shit out of everybody and scrape through? Fuckin hope so!!! LUHG.xxx.

Mark said...


Now, now, Stevie G

Okey said...


Okey Oyun

Sinema said...

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