Thursday, 10 April 2008

John Terry... an apology... of sorts

Heya folks,

Very quick blog today on our continuing wonderment with John Terry.

In light of the very real prospect of either Liverpool (in the Champions League) or Man United (possibly in the league and Champions League) making him cry before the end of the season, I thought I’d celebrate some of the incidents in the rollercoaster, drink-fuelled idiotic life of this over-rated defender. All of which of course have supplied us with podcast gold since we began OkeyDokeFootball around 18 months ago.

The piss on the floor: Sample comment: “He's really going for it and you can see the girls, who were wearing tiny tops and hotpants, were loving it. He even appears to be pretending to rub his groin as he turns to face them at one point.”

John Terry… not a racist: Sample comment from a different blog (so we don’t get sued) “After watching many replays of the sending off, I can only assume that it was for a racial slur pointed at Ledley King, from his England counter-part, John Terry. Why do I say this? Well, let's look at the facts together.

There was a nothing challenge from Terry on King, but King reacted as I've never seen him react before. If Robbo hadn't stept in to prevent King from running over to Terry at that instance, then I fear there would have been a bigger problem.

Then we have two other Spurs players, Chimonda and Assou-Ekotto, who are also black, running after Terry and asking him to repeat himself. Terry realised what he had done and walked off after receiving the red card without a fight. I tried calling talkSPORT today as no one had said anything about this on the breakfast show. Their producers told me not to say such things and put the phone down. Why is it that the England Captain seems to be imune to any punishment??”

Baby in a Bentley
: Sample quote: “Terry, who complimented the beauty on her skimpy thong, went on to send her explicit text messages begging for X-rated snaps and suggesting a threesome with a brunette pal. He wrote: ?I want to **** both of you . . . Im gonna give you both the best ******* ever.?” Nice.

Tonight on the pod we profile yet more genius from Terry. Thank you sir, you make our job far easier.



Anonymous said...

Yeah,he's a cunt alright.LUHG.

Anonymous said...

"piss on the floor" wins every time!!!oh how i love you jt especially as you have gone to shit this year(possibly as a result of yere weekly slaggin)


JJ said...

He has been piss poor this year - alex and carvalho far better altogether. Pure gold for pub talk though, on the subject of which we've just finished up the pod and JT, along with the gut busting 24 comments on marko's blog means it's a bumper 50 minute show.

I hope ye all have fuck all to do in work tomorrow!

Buckley said...

I fucking hate the cunt, but i do think it's unfair to put the racist stuff with King in their as there's no evidence whatsoever to support it.

JJ said...

I know there's no stone cold evidence but... there's the graham poll cover up when the refs association accused john terry of lying about poll changing his mind for what the sending off was about then failing to back their man up.

It was a very suspect situation but one that was not examined with half the attention that say... oh I dunno... mascherno was subjected too. No column inches, no sky trial by TV. Odd that England captain John Terry's controversial sending off got swept under the carpet.

Mal said...

The guardian have often made references to the racist claims, without coming right out and saying it.

rimreaperjack said...

all the peeps here can kiss my ass john terry is the best defender in the world chelsea r gonna win all 4 this season and the rest coz all teh other teams are just donkey shit u all wait and see it will be chelsea on top all u cunts how dare u slag off john terry he is obviously better then all of u so u cant realy talk
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