Friday, 25 April 2008

There is no god, there is no pod

Morning folks,

Apologies but there’s no podcast this morning – we had pub talk on the absolute lack of gay players in Italy as well as Alexander Hleb’s new position as the Premier League’s new badass after his girly smack on Murty; we also had a special section on god freaks in football but alas due to work I couldn’t make it out to Mark’s place to record.

Once again, sorry for the lack of pod, as indeed I’m sorry I missed out on my usual weekly blast of cans and weeding out the great, good, awful and plain bastards in football during the show but couldn't be helped. We’ll be back next week, in the meantime here’s some links that may prove entertaining…

Cheers, JJ

First off, Wednesday's Champions League gold from RTE. Never has the word 'people' sounded like such an insult.

Staying with RTE, Terry Venables didn't get the Ireland job, this may be one of the reasons.
Football ad hell pt1, pt2 and pt3

John Barnes being impersonated by John Terry... I mean Michael Barrymore

What the fuck does Phil Thompson say?

Neil Lennon playing a captain's role for Celtic.
and finally, in this week of all weeks, the real Ronaldo


Cathal O'Brien said...

You need to start beleaving in the Flying Spagghetti Monster!

JJ said...

That monster is never there when I need him. Was stuck in the shithole that is Bray yesterday with work. As a debate... biggest shithole in ireland? Bray currently leads the way for me.

Darrinho said...

JJ, you should take a trip to Poor Kaka, imagine how good he could be if he believed that the talent he possesses was actually his and not “given” to him by a god. Poor deluded fool. Evangelicism is rampant in Brasil and is growing rapidly. It seems to be more popular among the middle classes too, despite their having access to a higher standard of education than what is normal in Brasil. I find him quite creepy.
If you’re looking for a black or white crazy god nut then Roa is your man, 7th day Adventist, hole up in the hills with your family and wait for the 4 horsemen…At least its an ethos, none of your kaka vagueness. You have to admire him!!
I put down on me census form that I am Church of Maradona, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one!!!
Oh and JJ, Bray may be bleak, but I urge thee to hold your judgement until you’ve visited Dundalk on a Tuesday. After this the word “grim” gets replaced in vocabulary to “Dundalk”….

Anonymous said...

speaking of God freaks snooker player shaun murphy is one and kind of a smug pratt. Didn't stop him doing the very unchristian thing of asking and getting the ref to dock his opponent a frame for coming to the table without his chalk in a ranking tournament and having to return to his dressing room. Forget who his opponent was but tut tut shaun what would jesus do?

Buckley said...

Think it was Stephen Maguire. Murphy got tanked anyway, where was God then, ha? Have to admit i find him a bit creepy myself, i just get the feeling he's got some sort of Dungeon in his house where he has people over for "special prayer".

How many times is that now Dunphy has flip flopped on his opinion of Ronaldo this season. I wouldn't blame Ronaldo either, Ferguson has clearly moulded him in his own image so it's hardly surprising to see him act the way he does.

And i don't think, well i don't recall anyway, you're thoughts about Giles. I love him!! Think he's great.