Thursday, 17 April 2008

Treading Carefully

Because I don't want to receive any death threats by being critical of Liverpool (see some madness here), I'm going to just wonder aloud about something, but first, a quote:

“Look at what’s happened under Rick [Parry]. It has been a disaster, we have fallen so far behind the other leading clubs. We should have the stadium built by now. We have a few major sponsors when we should have 15. We have still got the top brand in the world of football but that’s no good if you don’t know how to commercialise it. Rick needs to resign from Liverpool FC… If George doesn’t sell - because I am not going to sell - I guess we stay in this position that we are in. It’s complicated but [me buying Gillett out] is going to happen although I can’t force George to accept. I am planning to make him a very attractive offer. If I had a majority on [the ownership of Liverpool] I could put more capital in…” – Tom Hicks.

The following are things I believe:
  • Hicks is right - Parry didn't do a good job (approx £100m in debt and far less revenue than other big clubs) and he also paved the way for Hicks and Gillett to come in, believing they were 'white knights'
  • Hicks will not buy Gillett out, they will probably sell to DIC, but that will take months, if not years. And it will be tedious.
  • David Moores is also culpable for Liverpool's general financial underachievement
  • Parry is responsible for the Houllier/Roy Evans mini-era, and then the Houllier solo era, with, ahem, able backup from the Eagle, Phil Thompson
  • The stadium costs are rising because of the cost of steel - why don't they give wood a chance?

p.s. we're podding tonight, and we will keep it under 50 mins! But there are no guarantees until the end of the season as the fixtures and news are coming thick and heavy....


JJ said...

A rarity chief, but I agree with everything there. It's hard to judge a man when you don't know the full workings of his job but no one can argue that Pool have fully utilised their position as one of the world's biggest clubs since the dawn of the premiership over 15 years ago.

Did you have to mention Houllier and Evans though... I was having a good morning until i thought of that comedy pairing.

Mark said...

"a good morning"? I don't think I've ever had one of them

Mal said...

I think that you'd find it hard to find a pool fan who's 100% behind Parry. He's been inefficient for years and most of what Hicks levels at him is accurate. But while I think that he should go long term, he needs to stay short term. I fear for the club if Hicks does get control of the board. Despite his spin with sky, I can see him increasing the debt, ala glazer, rather than reducing it as he said today. If and when DIC buy the americans out then Parry has to go. And you're right about Moores, he's not blameless either. But he did legally have to consult the other shareholders, Granada etc, about the Hicks/Gillett bid. Some people say that he went with that bid for the extra £8m it made him.

Anonymous said...

At least it gives Liverpool a good excuse for getting nowhere near winning the league,again! It's amazing to think,when,inevitably the Houllier/Evans "partnership" did'nt work,they decided to not only give Houllier full power,but make Phil Fuckin Thompson his assistant.You could'nt make it up! Thompson is without doubt the most repugnant,annoying,ignorant little cunt in the whole ex-Liverpool turned-pundit gang. Why did they sack Houllier again? It was'nt a failure to challenge for the Premiership,was it?
Is this the same Rick Parry who reckoned S.Gerrard should've been knighted after Istanbul? The man is a TWAT.Is it a big surprise he's making a balls of this "great club"? U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A,!!!

Mark said...

Stevie G is a diver!