Friday, 25 April 2008

Weekend Predictions

Right, that’s the cowering apologies out of the way and on to the business of this weekend’s games. Obviously one of them hangs over the whole weekend like a spark of gold in a huge bunch of shite and it’s only a pity that Man U and Chelsea isn’t on later in the day to build up a bit of anticipation. As it is, the rest of the games may well feel like a bit of a comedown and any who stay on to watch the full game between Arsenal and Derby on Monday must either have money or Fantasy League kudos on the line. So here goes… now where to begin.

Chelsea v Man United: Okay, Lamps is out but all sensitivities aside, Chelsea have played some fine football this season without their number eight. As Eamonn Dunphy once said about Roy Keane being played centre back by Mick McCarthy, when Essien is not played as the fulcrum of Chelsea’s midfield “it’s like keeping the Rolls Royce in the garage”. Chelsea could definitely win this game but aren’t going in on form and don’t look high on confidence (why oh why Riise, they were dead and buried… anyway). United’s teamsheet will be the most interesting thing pre-match with Ferguson’s odd choices in midfield set to continue. I’d say Nani and Anderson may start, with Park and possible Carrick dropped with Rooney in a far more central role. Pulling a result out of thin air… 2-1 Chelsea. With Man U to take out their anger on Barcelona later in the week.

And very quickly:

Birmingham v Liverpool: 2-1, can see Pool losing this and not giving a toss, Birmingham will want it more and have some decent players, notably Zarate and that Scandinavian fella whose name escapes me.
Man. City v Fulham: Fulham? Two away wins in a decade? Never. 2-0.
Sunderland v Middlesbrough: Could be a very decent game. I’ve grown to like Boro over this season as they actually try and pass the ball, and while most Irish people retain a liking for Roy Keane, it has to be said that Sunderland do play some atrocious stuff. Blood and guts repeat of the 2-2 draw earlier in the season.
Tottenham v Bolton: Home win, 2-1. Uninspiring stuff and more interviews with Spurs players about the ‘massive potential of the club innit’.
West Ham v Newcastle: Hmmmm… Talk about polar opposites as managers. Keggy over Curbs (disturbing image) this time I’d say. 0-1.
Wigan v Reading: Meh… I hope Reading reinstate the Irish guys and win 1-2.
Portsmouth v Blackburn: Home win, barely. 1-0.
Everton v Aston Villa: Away win, barely. 0-2.
Derby v Arsenal: No comment, it deserves none.

Later - JJ


Tom said...

2-1 Chelsea!

Good luck,

Buckley said...

Great stuff. Had everything that Chelsea United game. Highlighted just about everything i hate about football.

Not a word on MoTD about the hounding and abuse of the ref, if it was Mascherano they'd have caricatures of him crossed with a rabid dog on the back page tomorrow.

There was Ferguson been made to look a hypocrite twat once again. "Where's the respect for the official Slur Alex?"

And not to forget, Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan getting into a scrap with the gardeners.

Onto the Pool!!!!

Pennant was fucking excellent against in what was an embarrassing performance by us in general. Insua showed more penetration in half an hour than limp dick Riise has managed in two seasons.

And if Wigan v Reading wasn't proof that the Premiership is the bestest most stupendous league in the World then i don't know what does.

Will ye be doing a pod over the Euro's?

Oh and fucking hell, Spurs signed Modric. Who the fuck do they think they are? How dare they the cheeky cunts. Guess thats confirmation of Berbatov's departure.

Buckley said...

Oh and JJ, i think you're being very harsh on Sunderland there. They do TRY to play, just rarely works for them. But anytime I've watched them Andy Reid has been far and away their best player.

Cathal O'Brien said...

I hope you put a few quid on that chelsea result!