Friday, 11 April 2008

ODF 11 Apr Podcast Online

Hi All,
our latest podcast is online.

Results & Fixtures - we concentrate on the CL quarter finals along with a weekend preview

Pub Talk - All the important news of the week including Blackmail, Bentley, Cech, Di Canio, Barcelona, Lehmann's reality TV show and Chelsea's antics

Worst Substitutions - some of the most perplexing subs of all time - from Lineker to Riquelme.


We hope you enjoy the show.
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Mark & JJ


darren said...

Haven't heard d show yet lads, but surely Gary Neville coming on against Roma to play in the hole was one of the greatest substitutions ever. The passing, the urgency, the half-moustache.

Mark said...

it, we were talking about it before the show and i forgot to mention it then. great to see the Nevster back, running the show. The more Pool fans hate him, the more i love him!

and Gary Neville day, with Nick Frost - brilliant

Anonymous said...

I've just noticed that Steven fucking Gerrard has been nominated for the pfa award.I know this an obvious question but,HOW????? Should have expected it I suppose.They'd have to fix it to have a token England international nominated.

Mark said...

i have no idea, it always seems to happen though - he's a big name.

voting happens in January as well which is stupid, why not leave it til apr or may?

the football writers awards has much more cred

JJ said...

In this day and age why the feck are they voting in january? Fuckin email it in on the day ye cavemen! Gerrard's nomination last year and this pretty much proves that footballers don't have much between the ears.

Darren said...

Ok so if the vote was in January and they only released the vote on 11 April...Who is thicker, the counters or the voters? Maybe Mugabwe has hired the outfit that counted the votes...

As for Gerrard being there and not Evra or Clichy who have had excellent seasons. Where is Robbie Keane?

Buckley said...

They Liverpool supporters aren't planning on buying the whole club, only a share. FFS, do a bit of research. Matters not anyway, DIC will be owners very soon.

Buckley said...

And ya, great to see the Rat back.

Buckley said...

Fuckin hell, luck luck luck, come up with some better excuses than that. Jesus H Christ. Juve, Inter, AC, Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal. More CL final in 4 years than Fergie has managed his entire career. And ya, we'll see against Chelsea, not like we've never knocked them out before. WHOPPER!!