Thursday, 17 April 2008

ODF 18 Apr Podcast Online

Hi All,
our latest podcast is online now.

We discuss:
Results & Fixtures - Premier League & Champions League preview
Pub Talk - All the news
Featured Section - The Legend of Gabriel Batistuta. Links here, here, and here

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Mark & JJ


Parrotbait said...

I hear ye got a mention in the Guardian podddie,I'd have to agree with everything ye said. Every single one of those topics are ridiculously boring. I noticed how they scanned over them quite quickly without much comment as I can imagine McCarra not having anything to write about.

Whats with the cheesy 80/90s songs on the pod????! I'd have to say I approve, especially with the Whitesnake bit

Anonymous said...


Paugrande/Dmv said...

Hows about following up on Stan? Surely ye lot have a source at Leeds, a stooge that is monitoring the Gaffer's cone handling skills...just a thought

Mark said...

yea parrot, it is all part of our world domination plan.

the chessy songs - JJ got a new laptop, we had no sound clips so we had to improvise....

Paugrande/Dmv - we'll have the PI from hit TV show Arrested Development on the case

Mark said...

oh, i forgot to add this pepsi ad link:

Anonymous said...

Hey you cunts! You ever mention me,Ian wright and a court jester in the same sentence again and I'll fucking slap the two of ye all over Dublin!! Alright??
By the way,do you remember Batistutas goal for Fiorentina against United in the 99/00 season? When Batigol let fly from 25 yards out and big fat bosnich thought he was going to get a hand on it,it swerved and deviated at the last second and whistled past his big fat aussie face nearly busting the net at the stretford end in the process.Genius.

ronan said...

there is only one great football ad

and its made even better by the fact that Ian Wright gets loafed in the face midway through

Darren said...

Good oul Stevie G

I'll need to redouble my hate for Chelsea when loyal Stevie G signs for them. What a pack of absolute cunts they'll be.

JT, Cashley, Fatso, Stevie G, Joe Cole (a prick).

Imagine what a team of fuckers this shower would be. Becks & Tom Cruise could buy them for their new soccerball team and call them Cunting Academicals where they could play at the Cuntbowl.

1. Lehmann
2. A.N. Other (Gary Neville is annoying but not a cunt methinks)
3. Cashley
4. Guti
5. JT
6. Stevie G
7. Lee Bowyer
8. Lamps
9. Craig Bellamy
10. Michael Owen
11. Joe 'Burton' Cole

12. Terry Henry
13. Barry Ferguson
14. Lauren 'girls name' Robert
13. Kahn
14. Dyer
15. Gypsy Reyes

Obviously these are players still playing otherwise Shearer would still be in leading the line.

Mal said...

Funny how the Gerrard to Chelsea stories emerge the weekend before the champions league match. Funny how some people still fall for them.

On the subject of the music, do you have a culture beat tape lying around your house?

Mark said...

Mal - I probably did 10 years ago but now we use the miracle of youtube...

it is a classic though, the lyrics really speak to me

darren, i'm hoping for a big chelsea clear out in the summer, it is taking too much of my energy hating them

ronan - indeed it was a great ad, it was a shock to see Kluivert, who was supposed to be one of the best in the world at that time. that didn't really work out