Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Rio All At Sea-o

Rio Ferdinand is the England Captain for tonight's game against France. Taking time out from his busy schedule of helping United win the league and organising Rap Idol, he will lead England out for a 1-0 loss tonight.
Old Rio wouldn't be many people's choice for captain (as discussed recently here) but Capello has little option here. Gerrard is lacking as captain (witness last Sunday's mess at OT) and people have argued that it takes his focus away.
John Terry, as well as being odious and hardly someone you'd like to lead your country has been in poor form (esp. vs Spurs) and has an annoying habit of haranguing referees. Rooney is too young, volatile and foul-mouthed. Of the other guaranteed starters, no one would make a case for Ashley or Joe Cole and in the rest of the positions there is too much uncertainty as to who will play constantly. Gareth Barry may be a good choice but is he a long term starter?
Hargreaves too would seem to be good, but he is not playing for United and his injury problems will probably ensure he won't be starting enough games for England. No one knows who will be playing at RB, RM, GK or up front with Rooney, and none of the candidates offer a compelling case, so Capello is stuck with Rio or Stevie G. God help him.

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Anonymous said...

I think Rio has been the best defender in England this year.Although he can be a fuckin eejit at times,his usual concentration lapses and sluggishness seem to have dissapeared from his game and he looks world class at the moment.His partnership with Vidic looks stronger with every passing week and if united are to do anything in Europe this year the form or these two is as vital,if not more so,than that of Rooney and Ronaldo.It's been fashionable for years to have a go at Ferdinand for various things: the transfer fees,the drugs test thing and the utter contempt he showed United for not signing a contract offer straight away after they paid his wages for his eight month ban.However,he is now showing what a brilliant defender and footballer he is,he did'nt give Torres a kick on Sunday (a kick of the ball anyway!!!).I think he deserves to be England captain,at least he won't start bawling if they lose! LUHG.

JJ said...

Anyone, even oul rio haters like myself, would have to admit he's had an excellent season thus far. I think mark makes a good point on captaincy choices alright and it does look to be down to rio and gerrard but does anyone else think the papers are missing out on the big picture with John Terry.

Perhaps, shock of shocks, it's not his chasing of referees but instead the fact that he pissed into a cup at a london nightclub recently. Ferdinand made a mistake, a big one by missing a drugs test a few years back. Gerrard meanwhile seems to have been born with all manner of complexes that have left his head in that permanent frown.

So fabio's choices are (a) forgetful prick who hasn't pissed in a cup at a london nightclub (b) paranoid 70 yard hoofer who hasn't pissed in a cup at a london nightclub, or (c) man who pissed in a cup at London nightclub. Not much of a choice I'd say.

Mark said...

rio may be surprisingly good. in the tournaments he wasn't banned for he was very good.

also, jj, a) should be 'forgetful prick who was supposed to piss into a cup'

JJ said...

Good point, well made.