Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Are you serious?

Hi folks,
Mark here.

News that Diego Forlan may be on his way back to the Premiership confirms the theory that managers are a bunch of chancers. Martin O'Neill appears to be the latest manager interesting signing the player who is valued at £15m - his buy out clause. Forlan was proven to be an average player in England, fluffing an amazing number of chances for United, and famously went 27 games in 8 months before scoring his first goal. His record in Spain is quite good, 1 goal every 2 games approximately. But make no mistake - all that money for a waster who couldn't even score a few for United, there will hardly be a stampede for him (assuming the Liverpool rumours were as untrue as they sounded).

If you have been listening to the podcast the past season, you will know that we think the deification of O'Neill is a bit overboard, and it was proven with a totally uninspiring league campaign finishing in 11th with a whopping 10 victories. There were also some highly dodgy signings including Carew (good to get rid of Baros, but average nonetheless), Petrov (looked good in Scotland but average so far), Young (a striker who scores no goals) and Sutton (past it).

Villa fans, and indeed Randy Lerner, must wonder where the next pile of money will go. Their ambition is European qualification, but will O'Neill buy the right players?
So far there have been no moves, and their squad looks thin. O'Neill's fans will say he doesn't have the players, but he's spent the guts of £20m so far to finish 8 points better than O'Leary did the season before last.

Am I being too harsh?



JJ said...

Like yourself I thought that Villa looked poor for the majority of last year. Their early season form was supposedly proof that O’Neill had some (forgive the cliché) midas touch but it was merely the same effect that 90 per cent of new managers would have had.

All the players were delighted to be playing for anyone other than O’Dreary and it showed. As the season wore on it was the same old story for Villa.

I’ll happily say I was wrong if he does the business in 07/08 but reputations disappear easily in management. Just ask sven.

Mark said...

I think he's a good manager, he may do the business and I too, will congratulate him if he does, seriously underwhelmed so far though...

by the way, Torres is over-rated, I doubt these spanish based players rumours for the Pool, there are far too many of them, and they all seem to be 15-20m each. i say hold out for the goofy pic with the red jersey and the incendary quotes such as "i always wanted to be a red devil (- masch) or I've supported x since a boy, it's my dream...

tyduffy said...

No, you're not being too harsh.

O'Neill may be a decent cook. But, he hasn't shown that he is adept at buying the groceries.

JJ said...

Tyduffy with a metaphor like that you really have been watching too much american based sports.

As for the pool, I've been up and down on Torres and while I still have doubts he'd make it at this stage I just think fuck it let’s go for him.

Take the risk and aim high rather than spending half the cash on an average striker like Forlan. Torres can get a lot better, Forlan may already have his best years (all two of them) behind him. Let the bastard go to Newcastle where he belongs.

Mark V said...

I like that metaphor.

regarding transfers, i think there will be a lot of activity in July, June is primarily about sizing up options and leaking stories to teh press