Monday, 18 June 2007

A damn shame, Cookie's return and Eggert's new nickname

JJ here,

Since June 2005 an old work buddy of mine named Colm and a few more of his cohorts began to blog on a site named and within a few months their daily ramblings became established as absolute must-reads.

If you like biscuits, you'd love this site.
If you liked sport, you'd love this site.
If you liked literature, music or movies, you'd love this site.

If you don't love any of those things then you're just plain weird and wrong. Particularly on the biscuits issue.

Anyway, the lads have decided to call it a day after two years of quality posts and I think ye should check them out if you haven't in the past. We've had them on our links page for over six months but if you were never tempted before well go there now and enjoy.

Fair play lads, and thanks for recommending Okeydokefootball to your audience. I'm sure we've yet to hear the last of ye.


Back in the world of football news I see Man Citeh are weighing up a move for T4's Chris Coleman which could go very badly wrong or very averagely okay until he's sacked in 18 months.

Either way, he won't elevate Citeh to the level they somehow see as their birthright so why hire him in the first place? It has the whiff of Souness to Newcastle; solid manager gets a chance at a 'big' club, makes a fool of himself and never works again. Then again, it could all be as real as a John Hartson hair regrowth advert, ie complete bollocks.


Finally, fair play to Darren Bent for turning down West Ham. I'd like to see him in a Liverpool shirt but if not, a move abroad would be brilliant for him. He is my anti-Lucas Neill, whose transfer has been referred to in several weekend papers as being the source of some concern in boardrooms around the Premiership. It's seen as a reason for the lack of activity in the transfer market so far with many agents and players having the opinion that 'if that chump is worth 72 grand a week then I must be worth at least 100'

Apparently, rival chairman have started calling Eggert Magnusson 'Ridsdale' in private. While there are certain similarities - the ridiculous wages for average players, champions league ambition - West Ham have a better coach than Leeds had and that's a good start. It'll be interesting to see how they do this year.

Though I hope Neill is either dropped; injured; sold to Boro or has some other horrible fate visited upon his dark, extremely rich soul.


Mark V said...

comparing coleman to souness? that's a bit out of order if ya ask me...

i hope the next tv deal is signifigantly less than this one, a lot of billionaires left looking like chumps

JJ said...

He's a decent manager, I just mean that he's not a 'next level' manager to use a wanky business term.

He'll be given neither the funds nor the time to do anything with the side. An easy guy to hire then fire which helps no one.

They're running out of time though, pre season training in three weeks.

I see United are bidding for Quagliarella which seems like a damn good move to me. Jimbo richardson rates him highly anyway.