Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Silly Season

Hi Folks,
Mark here.
First of all apologies for the lack of blog last Friday, I had absolutely nothing to write about. Yesterday was a holiday here in Ireland, but I did logon, look around and then swiftly decide, nope nothing to write about either.

However, I have come up with something today. It is often commented on the folly of managers signing clearly rubbish or mental footballers. But I haven't seen any theories as to why they do it.

My theory is - they're egomaniacs. This week Chris Hutchings signed Titus Bramble. Now this is not the first time Chris has been involved, he also signed madman Stan Collymore and mercenary Benito Carbone whilst in charge at Bradford (1 win in 12 league games). Perhaps he felt he could mould them, could use his managerial prowess, could slap them on the back and shout 'you the man' in order to bring about the necessary performances. Sadly, it failed for him before and it will again with Titus.
Big Sam is a man who not only likes the challenge of Anelka, but also likes wheeling and dealing in Oman, Poland, Africa and Israel. I suspect that if Newcastle are taken over by this billionaire, he will buy every footballer in the middle east and try to make them a star. Also, his current club choice, Newcastle, is made for a power hungry perfectionist - it's rubbish and a bit mental up there. And he is in the process of signing the bonkers Joey Barton and the talented but unmotivated Viduka. Now that's a challenge.

I'll stop this article before I have to discuss Harry Redknapp, because I really don't have the 2 hours necessary to detail all his activities in ~1050 game managerial career but a great example is Kanu, terrible for at least 4 seasons, including helping West Brom get relegated by scoring no goals (including miss of the season). No wonder Harry wanted Bramble...


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