Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Perpetual Transition

So, Henry is gone, and we're mightily glad to see the back of him too.
Despite Arsenal losing one of the best players in the past 15 years in England, some say the 'best foreign import' of all, Arsenal still have a bright future.

It was only 4 months ago that everybody was raving about the Arsenal youth team's demolition job on Liverpool in the Carling Cup and nothing has changed since in that regard. The first team squad is still exceptionally strong, top class players such as Toure, Gallas, Eboue, Rosicky, Fabregas and Van Persie are proof that things are not bleak. Also, Adebeyor is improving by the month, he has great skill, good pace, intelligence on the ball, he only needs to improve his shooting to become a great addition for the Arse. He's only 23 and that will come with time.

Realistically, Wenger has the same problems as he did before the Ego left - he needs to sign quality right and left wingers. Hleb is simply not good enough, too often great moves break down because of his ineptness. Rosicky has been filling in on the left, to little effect, and perhaps Walcott can show more as an outside left, but Wenger needs an immediate solution. Wenger will also hope Diaby can come through properly to add steel in midfield. Gilberto is sure to be named club captain but over the past few years he hasn't shown enough to me that he commands the team and drives them forward.
So, upfront then - a striker is needed, talks of Anelka and Owen would seem to be an easy link to make for the press. More likely is that Wenger will look outside England for a solution. Darren Bent would be ideal, but at 17m pounds, is priced out of the market. Jermaine Defoe, a player who I'm still not convinced about, would surely respond well to a regular run of games, and the manager's skill, but his Spurs association will cost him that chance. Owen needs to prove his fitness this season before a move. Anelka seems most likely to move but Arsenal will surely want someone to rely on for more than a season.
Arsenal don't need any sort of overhaul, they have been 'in transition' for the past seasons, which basically means that Wenger got away with bad signings and players who were too young. They will claim another transition next season, but the correct signings could propel them ahead of Chelsea and Liverpool to battle with United.
Will Wenger buy correctly? Only Arsene knows so far...



JJ said...

The theory that they would be better without Henry has been about for some time so now we all get to see what the young lads are made of. If they want to leave because Henry is gone then that will prove they had nothing about them in the first place. Let them go if this is the case.

Fabregas, Walcott, Adebayor and whatever striker they bring in will have to prove themselves. But come on, all they have to improve on is two seasons of shite! In a league with multiple takeovers, plenty of crap teams and Chelsea's 'free' signings that can't be too hard.

And yes, the 'transition' bollocks will be used once more. That word should be banned.

tyduffy said...

Their only productive midfielder (scoring goals wise) was Gilberto last season, and they got almost nothing from everyone else. They need a productive winger or two. Arsene still mysteriously maintains his support for Hleb. I think it is because all of those computer ratings things always have him as one of the top ten players in the Premier League, which proves that they are worth shit.

If Liverpool can make it to the CL final with Kuyt, Bellamy, and Crouch up front, Arsenal will be ok with RVP, Adebayor, Walcott, and Bendtner alone. If they are in the 10-15mGBP, I think that Martins would be the best signing. I would be ok with them taking a flyer on Owen. I would throw up in my mouth if they bring back the incredible sulk.

If I were Arsene, I would pool all of those transfer fees and plunk down 30m GBP for Tevez. He's got the technical skill to play the Arsenal way, he has a great work rate, and he's a finisher. He would anchor the front line for the next 7 years and be the next Henry.