Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Andrea Dossena

Andrea Dossena cost Liverpool 7 million pounds. I just wanted to remind everybody of that.



JJ said...

Ah jaysus Mark you're taking saturday's defeat waaaaaay too hard. Never known you to care so much about Liverpool signings! Dossena is pants, I already said that a couple of posts ago.

Will we dance around the 18 million for hargreaves, how many million for forlan, 30 million for veron or even in today's cash - how many million for karel fuppin poborsky! Or how about wenger's 12 million for franny jeffers, everyone gets a duffer every now and again and rafa, bless him, has been sold a pup.

Mal said...

Not impressed with Dossena. But given how highly the Italians and Don Fabio himself rate him, there must be more to him than we've seen so far. But he has been fairly shit so far. I thought he was gradually improving but he was rubbish last night, as was Degen. If Arbeloa or Aurelio gets injured, which is quite likely inthe latter case, we could be in trouble. Insua looks a better bet than Dossena at the moment.