Monday, 17 November 2008

Andy Reid

Above is Zidane.
And above is Andy Reid.
This is what journalists and pretentious people like moi call a juxtaposition.

So everybody, give Il Trap a bit of credit and please don't get so upset with Ireland's midfield, which, as the manager has stressed, is to a specific system. We're not England, we don't have to shoe-horn incompatible players into the system that is working so far for us.



JJ said...

I think the whole thing has been built up because Eamonn Dunphy has made such an issue of it but considering he's gone stark raving bullshit bonkers this year (stealing George Costanza's "baby" catchline in the process) we should keep faith with gio and his ways for the moment anyway.

Mark said...

incidentally, I had a dream last night that Ireland won 4-1 tomorrow

JJ said...

I had a dream the other night that wigan won the league. Truly awful nightmare actually.

jd said...

i had a dream,i had a dream one day that dunphy got da sack but then kenny"possibly so" cunningham was his replacment so i woke up...

denis irwin seems to be half decent but he's only wheeled out world cup time..

oh nd would stephen ireland get in the ireland team with our current system??

Mark said...

jd, i'm not sure he would, unless he either played on the right as he has done for city or Trap switched to 4-4-1-1

Buckley said...

Fuck sake, i'm sick of hearing this bollocks. The bollocks YOUR spouting here now. I'm not allowed to want, sad as it may be, our most creative player in the Irelnad team? Why ever not? Why do i have to hear you pricks patroninsing me for it?

He's not Zidane? DunhhnnHHH!!!! Your kidding?

Fact is, he's being left out to accomodate players who have no fucking right being anywhere near this Irelnad side. THAT'S the issue people have.

Will i care if we qualify? Of course not. But do i think we'd have a better chance of doing so with a morsel of creativity in the side? Bloody right i do.

BTW, what happened the pod? Never got round to listening to the last one.

Anonymous said...

even when ireland had some flair players they never were an attractive team. We'd all love to see it but we have to be pragmatic. Btw pod was cancelled to to busyness of life. And the immense need to watch i'm alan partridge . Mark

JJ said...

I think in fairness mark was commenting on how the media reaction to reid being left out has meant he's been elevated to somewhere between platini and pele. Media hype gone mad really, taking an issue and blowing it all out of proportion.

I think there's no way he should be dropped from the squad. But... thinking about it, if the best team is out, trap has somewhat of a point in saying that we have two attacking wingers as well as two men up front (most people thought he'd only play with one striker for those short memories), therefore we hardly need another creative force in there do we?

Anonymous said...

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