Wednesday, 5 November 2008

CL Round Up

Hi All,
It's been a while, and I'm glad to back.

However, I'm not glad that whilst downloading an episode of Heroes last night (sssh!), I looked up to the TV to see a large fore-headed buffoon pirouetting and crashing to the ground. Flicking over from Strictly Come Dancing, Liverpool had won a penalty in the 94th minute, which Stevie G rammed home. Overall, a draw was probably deserved, though Atletico provided some menace on the counter attack. Though, it didn't matter, did it? Marseilles and PSV are 5 points off the (slow) pace in group D.
In group A, Chelsea are stuttering through as per usual, Inter have a 3 point lead in group B, while Barca and Sporting will qualify in group C.

Am I just like Barry Glenndenning and have become sick of football? Or is this now a borefest, at least where the English teams are involved? Mostly yes, and I need to start watching Inter, who rescued a 3-3 last night against Anorthosis, or head on over to group F, to see if Fiorentina can catch Lyon. Or even group G, where there should be a 3-way battle for second.

So, on to the predictions:

AaB v Villarreal, Gp E
After the last 6-3 goalfest, the law of football says this must a narrow away win for Villarreal, 0-1

Celtic v Man Utd, Gp E
Hello, are you still with me? No really, this is a battle of Britain, it'll be... eh... a relatively easy game for United, interspersed with the odd high tempo efforts from Celtic, United will rotate and settle for a draw, 1-1.

Fiorentina v Bayern Munich, Gp F
The Italians need to win to help their qualification chances. Bayern are no great shakes, though Ribery has returned from injury, Fiorentina will nick it, 2-1

Lyon v Steaua Bucuresti, Gp F
Lyon, the most implausible team in the CL - just give up and stop qualifying, you are never going to do anything in this competition, except flatter to deceive. A Benzema inspired win, 2-0.

Arsenal v Fenerbahce, Gp G
A handy walk in the park for Arsenal after the Stoke unpleasantness, which will involve goalmouth incidents galore, and a victory at a stroll. Even Alumnia can't mess up in this match, can he? 4-0

Dynamo Kiev v FC Porto, Gp G
Porto need a draw at least to keep in touch with Dynamo in the battle for runners up behind Arsenal, and they should get it. 1-1.

BATE v Zenit St Petersburg, Gp H
Wow, Zenit are crap aren't they? What happened to the UEFA Cup winners? Maybe their players are being disturbed by large wads of money being offered to them or maybe, whisper it, the UEFA Cup is a low quality tournament. They'll go for the win to try to defend their crown, by finishing 3rd in the group.

Real Madrid v Juventus, Gp H
Del Piero showed the last time out that he has a bit of life left in him yet, but, despite Juve's recent good run, they are still missing some players, and Real have quality throughout the team. The opposite of their previous result - 2-1



P.S. Darren Bent has 6 goals in 14 appearance this season, and a couple of assists. I'm so happy when I'm right


Parrotbait said...

Welcome back.

I've always thought Darren Bent isn't that bad a player, the press have just given him a hard time for whatever reason. Give him a solid run in the team and he'll get goals.

Missed the games last night but Arsenal messing up again, they're in a bit of a meltdown aren't they? Juve beating Real for the second time is interesting, is it Juve being really good or Madrid being pants? Old Del boy still doing the job though!

JJ said...

Great to see del boy is still crazy after all these years alright - two beauties. I still can't believe Richard Keyes uttered the words 'he must have been looking at Cristiano Ronaldo' after a recent free kick though.

Good god, will someone replace that hairy hairy man with jeff stelling.

Mark said...

3 right. what's with these surprises?

Anonymous said...

Howya lads,
I just want to make the point that it's becoming a bit scary at the rate that Dunphy's obsession with Ronaldo is growing. He can't seem to think of anything else! He sat through 90 minutes of United hemming Celtic in their own half (Celtic were heroic apparently!) and all he had to talk about for 10 minutes after the game was how Ronaldo is a disgrace to football!!!Now I'm not his biggest fan and I think he should have been sold in the summer because his attitude and comments attributed to him were fucking scandalous, but for fucks sake Eamon I think it's time to change the fucking record!!
I did'nt see the RTE coverage of the Liverpool game on tues,was there any comment on what a diving bastard $tevie me is??
I think RTE and their "experts" are obsessed with United and their shortcomings and seem to take pleasure in pointing these out on such a regular basis now that their once unmissable coverage has become repetetive and boring. Giles,Dunphy and that gimp Moloney are the worst culprits.
Sorry for rambling, it's good to have ye back.
p.s. How good is it to see Del Piero banging in the goals in the Champions league again? An absolute legend!

Mark said...

it was great when del piero burst onto the scene and went on to replace the aging baggio. he always reminds me of those old CL days where English teams (ok United) were soundly beaten every year by foreign fancy dans. In 96 Juve won it with silver fox Ravanelli, Vialli and Del Piero, some great stuff there

Mark said...

oh and LUHG - we are really getting sick of RTE now, the same tired old arguments. Ronaldo is not Pele or Maradona. Wow, well done Dunphy for pointing out that one. Next!

Tuesday was tough too, Souness & Dunphy sticking the boot into the Pool, same as the last 400 times, I put it on mute

JJ said...

Jesus yeah, they've really slipped into a comfort zone though I think they're definitely missing Brady. he was always up for going against the grain whereas ronnie whelan is still stuck in sky mode, talking in a high pitched voice about rotation this and rotation that. I'd like to see Houghton get back in the studio, he's wasted nattering on beside george hamilton.

As regards Pool, has no one pointed out that the game they so loved from Liverpool sides of old was discarded by... dun dun duuunnnnnnn... none other than Graeme Souness (how are ya Torben Piechnik, it's been a while).

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say as well, did you notice when Dunphy compares Ronaldo to the great players of old he always uses his cronies as examples...Giles,Souness,Whelan(?),Brady. I mean come fucking on! Did you hear it last night when he mentioned Ruby Walsh,Tiger Woods and Lewis Hamilton in the same sentence?? I don't agree with footballing awards generally(eg:John Terry was awarded as the best defender in Europe last year) but why does Dunphy use the fifpro thing as a stick to beat Ronaldo with?? It's pathetic and getting worse. As for Ray Houghton, if he done half the things on a football pitch that he expects players today to do(going by his commentary) he would've been a world class midget!!Yet another muppet in the RTE stable.
Apologies again for the rambling.LUHG.
p.s. Torben Piechnik was very unlucky with injuries, he coulda been a contender you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark said...

9 goals in 15 appearance now for Mr Bent, woo hoo

rory mc said...

great to see ye back bloggin again lads, miss the podcasts, no one else really gets into hate mode like ye.

rory mc said...

great to see ye back bloggin again lads, miss the podcasts, no one else really gets into hate mode like ye.

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