Friday, 14 November 2008


That time of the week again folks, and while some people will be concentrating on the egg chasing over at Croke Park this weekend I’m sure us decent folk are rubbing our hands together in anticipation of the big one – Bolton v Liverpool… wait, come back, there’s always United and Stoke in the afternoon… stop running, what about West Brom and Chelsea… wait, stop!!

Okay so admittedly the fixture list this weekend has the air of George Lee news report about it but here’s a rundown of what I think will happen. (Oh and here’s a rundown of what Lawro thinks will happen. Here’s Lawro making a very strange noise. And here’s a video of what Mark gets up to in his spare time. Possibly.).

Arsenal v Aston Villa: Well perhaps it’s not all bad as this one usually provides some decent entertainment. Arsenal should be full of confidence while Villa have been pretty poor of late, which frankly I find hilarious. I can see Arsenal going behind then coming back to win 3-1.
Blackburn v Sunderland: Royston is not best pleased with life at the moment but considering Blackburn are also a pretty poor side I’d say Sunderland will nick a point anyway. 1-1.
Bolton v Liverpool: I’ll watch it but I’m pretty sure I won’t enjoy it. Hard fought 1-2.
Fulham v Tottenham: For the sake of all our sanities please let the Harry Houdini bollocks stop here and now. Hopefully Andy Johnson can do another one of his famous pirouettes in the penalty area and grab a spot-kick here. Roy Hodgson’s team can play some decent football and will almost certainly score against Spurs – well they definitely will considering I now have Vedran Corluka in my fantasy league team – so I reckon they can halt this alarmingly brilliant run of form for Harry’s men. 3-2.
Man Utd v Stoke: Two nil by half time, three nil or three one by full time. Though it will be interesting to see how the unusually nervous United defence of late deal with the Delapidator.
Newcastle v Wigan: Robbie Earle reckons Joe Kinnear is a nice bloke, but then again he appears to get on well with Andy Townsend who is clearly the antichrist* so perhaps his opinion isn’t much to go on when judging someone. Nothing to do with the game but thought I’d mention it anyway. I’ll say home win – 4-1.
West Brom v Chelsea: 0-3.
West Ham v Portsmouth: Two teams who have been wobbling of late, both managed by pretty decent blokes who will eventually be fired once their shortcomings in management become all too apparent. This weekend however, I fancy Gianfranco Zola to get some joy at last. Pompey played poorly and won last week, West Ham played excellently and lost in freakish fashion to Everton (Saha barely touched the ball before he set up one goal and scored two more). Karma says 2-0 West Ham.
Everton v Middlesbrough: Meh… 1-1.
Hull v Man City: City have been brutal on the road of late but I’d say they’ll get three points here… 1-3 maybe.

Have a good weekend folks, JJ

*Andy Townsend may not be the antichrist. Tests have proved inconclusive. Shit pundit though, that was confirmed.

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