Tuesday, 7 April 2009

CL Fun

Howdy Folks,
are we are all looking forward to the upcoming month and a half of wall-to-wall football?

I certainly am, so lets crack straight in to some CL talk.

Man Utd vs Porto

Apparently some guy scored or something for United the other day, not much was made about it even though he's obviously the best 30 year old looking, bad hairdo'd player in the world right now. And some Italian Neil Mellor-type scored also. Some sections of the media have been bigging up Porto, and they're certainly better than Villa (Lucho Gonzalez is better than Moustapha Salifou, for example...) but their long odds to beat the holders is a fair reflection of their ability. Expect a semi-open chance fest until United score late in the first half and kill the game off. 2-0.

Villarreal vs Arsenal

Ho ho, that Senna chap can play football, lets pretend we're a bunch of football intellectuals and proclaim him as the best thing since Makelele. If there's one thing that really gets on my wick it's the whole 'I know Rooney scored a hat-trick but did you see the way Fletcher ran around kicking people?' business. I love Fletch, as any Man Utd fan should, but the disturbing trend of hailing destroyers must stop. Most expect this game to be a faster version of the lame Simpsons soccer pisstake and who am I to buck convention? Arsenal's frailties to be exposed, but they should grab an away goal - 2-1.



Buckley said...

What is it with United and greasy twats??

JJ said...

Think Porto surprised everyone last night. I'd say they were shocked at just how poorly United passed though, didn't get moving at all. As hard as it is to say this it took the introduction of Citizen Nev of all people to get the home side going, which just capped off an odd but very entertaining game.

Any madness on RTE afterwards? Didn't stick around for much of it.

Mark said...

i have a new policy of not listening to half time or full time comments from the rte boys, it's working well so far

Buckley said...

Same old bleating really. Kilkenny got a plug, which i think was a first.

Got a laugh out of Ronnie though, he always comes off looking like a complete fucking simpleton when he's in the company of Giles and Dunphy. That ridiculous voice of his only doesn't him any favours either really.

The completely biased coverage of the game on UEFA's part too really grated. Took them about twenty minutes to show a replay of that blatant penalty Tevez gave away, and then we had to put up with close-ups of that Greasy Italian Wop every two seconds.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Buckley and why the fuck were they showing replays of United scoring their second and the players celebrating AFTER Porto had equalised???
It could have been any game on the last 3 years on RTE though, devote about 20 mins before the game to Ronaldo and how lazy he is and "I've never played with such a lazy bastard" and "back in my day Revie/Paisley/Dalglish simply would'nt put up with him".I don't disagree with them by the way but do we have to listen to it EVERY SINGLE TIME???
p.s.United will win fuck all, you heard it here first.