Wednesday, 8 April 2009

S'up, Phat Pat and predictions

Heya folks,

A few months back we showed you this image of everyone’s favourite jabbering monkeyboy moron Pat Dolan stuffing his face in Burger King (and as Parrotbait noted, he’s so cheap he didn’t even pay for his Coca Cola where the burger is king).

While that was funny, methinks what we have below tops it. Homeboy Pat hanging out with Mick Wallace, Kevin Doyle and Shane Long looking like the dad of one of the white drug dealers in the second season of The Wire.

Note: If you’re the oddest looking fella in a picture with Mick Wallace that’s quite the achievement, but Phat Pat does it with aplomb. Please let one of the Setanta texters bring this up during tonight’s match.

On the subject of this evening, my quick predictions are 3-1 to Liverpool leaving things in the balance for the second leg somewhat, while I’ll go for Barcelona to beat Bayern 4-2. Fuck the Budget, I’m heading for the pub.

Enjoy the games folks, JJ


Buckley said...

He's looks like a Special Olympics hopeful in that pic. Might be the resolution though.

I don't get the scorn aimed towards Fat Pat. I find him quite amusing really. I'd love to see him and Dunphy go toe to toe at some point. Would surely be the best tihng Irish telly has ever produced.

manutd john said...

3-1 fail!

Anonymous said...

I'd say you enjoyed that... Ivanovic! Ha...

Mark said...

Ivanovic for player of the season? My new favourite player :)

Mark said...

JJ's not online yet, probably sleeping off a hangover after last night, so we'll have to wait a bit to slag him off

JJ said...

Jesus you can tell United are going through a hard patch when ye boys raced to post something this morning. Finally a little chink of light for ye after four or five weeks of hardship. Seriously lads, try 25 years as a Pool fan, then you'll know hard times.

Yes, Pool got their arse handed to them by Chelsea's best performance in four years (barca 4-2) so no arguments over the result at all. Next week will be an odd affair altogether.

ManUtd John - why are you talking like a cyborg by the way? And Mark, the hangover was taken care of with a fry up about ten minutes ago for the princely sum of 6.95. Now for the long day ahead.

Anonymous said...

I've had over 25 years as a United fan, it has'nt all been good times y'know?
So you started supporting Liverpool when they were winning leagues and European cups.....hmmm.
p.s.United fans are seriously clutching at straws at the moment to see some sort of weakness in Liverpool. They may go out of Europe but surely this will only help them win the league.
A fry up on good friday? You should be ashamed of yourself!

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