Friday, 3 April 2009

Weekend Ramblings

Well folks,

After a week of news revolving around international games, where tensions have run high, pundits have gone batshit crazy and somehow The Guardian didn’t run a piece on how to play Gerrard and Lampard in the same team, we arrive back to the normality of the Premier League.

Saturday afternoon sees the beginning of the eight-week comedy festival that could be Alan Shearer marching Newcastle into the Championship. Expect black armbands over bad, shiny shirts in the Match of the Day studio until ‘Big Al’ comes back.

We also have Mark Hughes contemplating the idea of dropping Robinho and Fulham attempting to keep up their record of taking points off the big four. This morning Stevie Me signed a new contract and having scored a hat trick in his last game does anyone else sense a red card/cruciate on the horizon? Well maybe just me and some other Liverpool fans attempting to reign in the thoughts of overtaking United.

Then comes Sunday as a wounded Unireh take on a near dead Villa, the home side lacking Rooney, Scholes, Vidic and (probably) Berbatov; the away side lacking confidence and any semblance of how to defend. It’s all go basically, and in between you should…

(a) watch this

(b) read this or this

(c) listen to this, or this, or this


Arsenal v Man City: I fancy City to do what they did to Pool and grab a draw here, Dickie Dunne is back in form and they may get a boost from Robinho being dropped. Though then again they may get a boost from him being in the side. City are like a woman in a strop at present, you never know what feckin mood they’ll be in so best not to ask and just see what happens. 1-1.

Blackburn v Tottenham: Robbie Keane to rob a few more goals in this one. 1-3.

Bolton v Middlesbrough: Liquid football galore. Surely Boro have to win a game sometime? Surely? 0-1.

Fulham v Liverpool: The less I say, the less I feel I can jinx Pool so I’ll stop here. Well here – 0-2.

Hull v Portsmouth: Something big will happen here. An injury; a sending off or six; ten goals; a spitting free for all; Phil Brown sporting an Hawaiian shirt now the good weather is here – who knows but something will happen. I’ll go for 3-2.

Newcastle v Chelsea: Goin down, goin down, goin down! Kriss Kross will make ya Jump Jump! The Shearer factor kicks in. 0-3. How long will it take ‘the best fans in the world’ to boo the manager? I’ll say half time.

West Brom v Stoke: Insert cartoons here. 0-0.

West Ham v Sunderland: ‘Sundlund’ need points bad, West Ham have gone off the boil. Logic says a draw. I say a draw. 2-2.


Everton v Wigan: More cartoons, whoopee. 2-0.

Man Utd v Aston Villa: Villa have a shocking record at Old Trafford, there can be only one prediction despite my allegiances and the home team’s suspensions. 1-0 with a 76th minute goal, if only to tease the rest of us with hope. Oh how I hate Man United.

On that bombshell, have a good one folks, JJ


Mark said...

JJ giving music recommendations.... Damn music journos. listen to some good metal instead:

JJ said...

I knew you'd have issues with the tunes chief. When we finally sit down to do the score for the ODF movie it'll be a mixed bag I tell ya.

Mark said...

surely a chance to explore our new genres of Death Indie & Grind Emo

Anonymous said...

I wanted Newcastle to go down anyway, but it'll be the highlight of my year to see "The Geordie messiah" crying his eyes out on May 24 (or earlier!) when the not so mighty Toon take their rightful place in the Championship, cooom on Chelski!!!
p.s. Villa to get a point on Sunday, Liverfuckingpool to score at least four again at the Cottage, you heard it here first!
p.p.s.Good stuff JJ, that Modest Mouse tune is the bollocks!

JJ said...

I predict doom for Gerrard, LUHG predicts a draw for Villa. Jaysus you'd never guess the Oirish were a pessimistic race.

Anonymous said...

I think there's an amateur reverse Psychology thing going on. If I had the choice I'd take the cruciate ahead of the red card,sorry!
I have to say though I see nothing but good things for Steven(sic) for the next few weeks, possibly ending triumphantly with captain fantastic lifting both the Premiership and European cup trophies within a few days of each other. Here's hoping!!!(see above).