Tuesday, 14 April 2009

PFA nominees receive 'all round meh' shocker

Alright folks,

Another year, another round of nonsensical PFA nominees. Really, these fuckers all have the latest cars, iPhones, Danielle Lloyds and other noted accessories out there; can none of them send an email at the end of April then have their votes tallied up as opposed to posting back their nomination in February?

Bloody February.

All told, Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard are the only ones who've had decent seasons from start to finish from those nominated, barring their time out with respective injuries. Though, then again you could argue that Gerrard has benefitted hugely from a startling upturn in the form of Xabi Alonso (who also has a case for a nomination) this season and that Ferdinand couldn’t cover a bad Vidic performance (versus Liverpool) in the same way that the Serbian has covered countless lapses from the duck-billed one in the past few seasons.

Then, of course, there’ll be those screaming for Frank Lampard, Marouane Fellaini, Kevin Davies, Mark Schwarzer (anyone with a Fantasy League team would put his name forward, points goldmine that he is) and assorted others from outside the list. The earnest Guardian article arguing for Phil Jagielka or Stephen Warnock can only be hours away.

However, the sight of Ronaldo in the final six is a testament to how little thought goes into filling out the nomination form. Thinking about it actually… do you think John Paintsil gives a shit about this? Do you think Tim Cahill gives a toss? Does anyone believe that David ‘I’m Great Me’ Bentley didn’t just reel off a few regular names and go about his business for the day when asked to fill out the form?

These footballers, and so many more, got the PFA letter through the post then dictated a few names down the phone to their agent before forgetting the whole thing ever happened.

Agent: “We need another name David…”

Bentley: “Ahm… hmmm, I’m teeing off at three… eh… fuck it, Ronaldo”.

Cue the “well the fact that my fellow professionals have voted for this means so much” speech from whichever one of the nominees gets this and the circle of nonsense is complete. Gordon Taylor is generally lambasted in the press for his running of the PFA but in this case any criticism is certainly justified.

When a union leader who is on close to £1 million a year in salary can’t organise a fucking vote amongst several hundred members you really have to question if he has the brains of a Guinness shit, never mind what's expected of a man leading one of the most important organisations in football.

Idiot. Idiotic list. That is all.

Later, JJ

(Note: No Champions League predictions this week as I’m currently in a state of optimism so any scoreline I throw out will frankly be ridiculous and quite rightly ridiculed tomorrow.)


JJ said...

Football, bloody hell.

Anonymous said...

All you can do is gripe about PFA nominations, Stevie should be fit to lift the award but it'll be the only silverware he lifts this season...

JJ said...

One article I read today pointed out that Giggs had only played seven full games this season. Seven! What's amazing is that even blokes like Giles got in on the bandwagon for the Unireh winger.

Mark said...

where is the best Irish player Andy Reid? ah I see now, in a Sunderland pie shop...

Parrotbait said...

Think the players should just play a massive joke on the PFA nominations and just all pick Paul McShane. He'd get my vote for his comedy calamitous attempts at defending

Anonymous said...

An absolute fucking joke.............Peter Cechs performance that is!! oh and the pfa nominees list, how the fuck did Gerrard get in there ahead of Nani? It's a fucking conspiracy cos Stevie is English!
Only saw the highlights (and there was plenty) of the game last night, it was fucking deadly,exactly what you would want from a game of Football. Heard Dunphy thought it was shit though, What's his problem??? Tourettes maybe.
p.s.Have to say fair play to Liverpool, they never know when they're beaten. That quality should see them winning the Premiership now, unless Reina punches a few more in to his own net!

JJ said...

That's fairly optimistic Parrotbait, the biggest jape footballers have ever come up with was when England players tried to work song titles into BBC interviews at the 98 world cup.

EX: Alan Shearer: "It was a good win but we're not Dancing on the Ceiling yet"

Those crazy guys, what will they get up to next eh!

Darren said...

Our hotpantedhero marches on. Super goal. Super wanker. A goal worthy of that cunt Pele says Dunphy. Not unlike Bobby Charlton against Mexico says Giles, rubbing his inner thigh at the memory of Bobby in his pomp. When will it end? He'll win the PFA awards he will. Cos footballers are as dumb as a couple of lobotomised, mongoloid Texans that have just swilled some petrol and lit a fag.
Packa Kants the lot of them.
It is obvious that Gary Neville deserves this award. With moustache fully grown, and after battling back from such a horrid injury at his age. A shoe in. Footballers are idiots. They wear hotpants when they are on holiday. They are male too. My arse.

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Anonymous said...

Boys, where have you gone?

Mark said...

JJ was in France practising his karaoke - C'est La Vie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce66uvc3hDM

JJ said...

Mark was busy making his Rio Ferdinand-esque piss take show called 'Marked'.

Will be back up and running with the blog today folks.

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EX: Alan Shearer: "It was a good win but we're not Dancing on the Ceiling yet"

Those crazy guys, what will they get up to next eh!
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