Saturday, 4 April 2009

ODF 04 April Podcast Online

Hi All,
Like Alan Shearer we're back in the game, and just like the sharp-elbowed one, we ain't at the top no more. But we decided to come back and do a podcast.

So, here's the details:

  • Premier League Results
  • CL Fixtures
  • Pub Talk
  • AOB - including a full discussion of Ireland
Download it or check out the feed

Mark & JJ,


Anonymous said...

Jesus I hate that,don't you? When the team you despise the most score the winner in the 93rd minute!!!

JJ said...


Anonymous said...

Three points was all that mattered today, the fact that United barely deserved it is irrelevant. At least Ronaldo won't get all the headlines tomorrow because apart from the goals he was a fucking disgrace as was his little friend Nani!!Ferguson HAS to sell them both this summer. I'm fuct now, might go to bed,g'luck!

Mark said...

brian kerr, class