Thursday, 4 October 2007

Here's Sissoko, Oh No, Now Marseille Have It....

These Champions League reflections are much easier than predictions, so with ease of mind, I'll get started.
Liverpool - Benitez is assuming the look of a desperate man (and no, I'm not talking about his 'goatee deflecting attention away from fatness' look) and he has started blaming his players outright. The players he bought.
"Everything was wrong" he blubbed, "it is the whole team who played badly". The team you picked, Rafa.
"Today the team was not good enough". "We were not controlling the middle".
It is hard to control the middle when you have the position-insensitive Gerrard buzzing around the place, and Momo Sissoko, the professional footballer for whom the old quote applies - he can control it further than I can kick it. His misery of attempting to control a football was shown last season against Man Utd, when he attempted to solo the ball, but instead kicked it 20 yards up in the sky. Last night he gave another reminder of his ineptiude.

So, tough times for the 'Pool, but they plays Spurs at home next, which should be the perfect chance to get their season back on track, and take the heat off Rafa. And if they can't, what fresh excuse will he dream up?

Man Utd - another lack lustre (like an empty can of pear halves) performance, but another 1-0 win. Roma had good chances to at least draw the game. Nani showed glimpses of his talent in his best game so far, but his play-acting and poor decisions are reminiscent of the old, bad Ronaldo. Anderson's cameo was lively enough, but he looks a bit lightweight yet. United have Wigan at home to continue their run of wins but the absence of Fletcher, Carrick & Hargreaves will probably mean the horror of O'Shea in midfield.
Arsenal - another game, another win, how long will it be before everyone is tipping them for trophies? Doubts remain, but they are cruising so far.

Chelsea - is the old spirit back? No, it's Carvalho. A fantastic player who made vital interceptions and organised the back line well. That John Terry fella looks like a good player with him in tow. Terry and Ferdinand must get together and pray that their co-defenders never get injured again. Sheva must wish he invested in an English teacher rather than make the move to London to learn the language. Nobody missed his witless presence last night.

Celtic - they are short on quality but they held their own against a Milan team who didn't look too bothered about the whole thing until they fell behind. Gave away a ludicrous penalty but fought back well and received their just rewards. They are handicapped by having an extremely annoying, jumped up runt of a manager and idiot supporters who think it's a good thing to run onto the pitch and caress Dida's breast.

Rangers - I thought they'd head to France and get a draw but they surpassed themselves against Lyon. Poor oul Alain Perrin must be feeling the heat over this one. 6 points from 6 for Rangers mean even a spectacular collapse should see them into the UEFA Cup.

So, it's all action this season, it's UEFA Cup time tonight but that won't get interesting until next March, join us from tomorrow morning for the podcast, where, among other things, we hate Jamie Redknapp. Like shooting fish in a barrel.



Anonymous said...

Beginning to understand the hatred of Kaka and his dedicating his goals to jesus. If there was a God looking down last night he probably would've shrugged and said "it was only a f**kiin' penalty". The sooner he gets caught with a couple of hookers the sooner we can get back to appreciating his football.C Ronaldo give the man a call!

Mark said...

yea, he did feck all last night aswell.

i wish someone else would score, sketch out a pentagram on the ground, and slaughter a goat in the middle while praising satan.

what will uefa do about that?

JJ said...

Well I was just disappointed that after every goal Iraq scored in the Asia Cup they flatly refused to take out machine guns and shoot wildly in the air. Would’ve been a reason to watch the tournament anyway.

Spot on for the champions leagues analysis marko, particularly on Carvalho. Brave Terry? Who gives a fuck, how many players have worn those masks? Was SiniĊĦa Mihajlovic brave when he did it with Lazio? No, he was just a racist with a fuckin mask on... unlike John Terry of course;o)

Anonymous said...

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