Wednesday, 3 October 2007

No one likes the cut of this Djib...

Hey folks,
JJ here,

Only a bit of time to write today so thought I’d do the decent thing and run down what is in store this evening.

Group A
Liverpool v Marseille: Will Djibril Cisse strike a blow for average Liverpool strikers down through the ages and get revenge on the club that discarded him when it became clear he was rubbish? It’s a long question certainly. While his pace may trouble Liverpool, his finishing won’t. The absence of Samir Nasri will affect the French outfit, as will the non-absence of Bolo Zenden. Two nil win, as is the protocol in Europe for Liverpool.

Besiktas v FC Porto: Besiktas lost to Marseille in a game that, on reading reports, seemed to be as bad as the Liverpool and Porto match up. The only losers will be those who watch this. Score draw, so eh 7-7.

Group B
Rosenborg v Schalke 04: Aha, so they were founded in 1904… now the mystery of their name is solved (hey I didn’t know so it was a mystery to me), Schalke go into this game needing to make up ground having lost their first home outing against Valencia. Rosenborg are no longer even the best team in Norway and couldn’t keep a clean sheet against the minnows of Chelsea. I fancy an away win here. 1-2.

Valencia v Chelsea: We’ve written far too much about Chelsea in the last few weeks on this blog but then again they have been the big story of the last month. The drama will continue I’d say. Glorious home win, 2-0 methinks.

Group C
Werder Bremen v Olympiakos: I hate Greek football. Big bunch of feckin diving girls. I hope Werder spank them four nil.

Lazio v Real Madrid: Hmmm…. Fascist v Fascist rumble. Should be interesting; Madrid have played some awful football this season ala Man United, but keep winning ala Man United. Lazio meanwhile… well they have feck all players I know of, so I can’t really talk that much about them. I’ll go for a Madrid win and Lazio to end up in the Uefa Cup. 1-2.

Group D
Benfica v Shakhtar Donetsk: A good win for Shaktar last time out against Celtic but beating the Glasgow ‘giants’ at home is the hobby of many a European side. Huge guess: 3-2.

Celtic v AC Milan: Well, well, well the Celtic crowd will be fairly pissed off with Rangers’ start to the competition, so AC Milan won’t be the only enemy they’ll be thinking of tonight. Milan will have too much for them though; here’s hoping that the goals come after about an hour or so… just long enough for Celtic to get their hopes up about a result before these hopes are dashed. I hate Rangers too, in fact I hope they both get knocked out early. 0-2.


Cathal O'Brien said...

What a rubbish performance by Liverpool. Time for sissoko to defo move on.

Tara said...

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JJ said...

Tara you're just a plain bad person trying to spam us that way. But then you didn't get seven out of eight results completely tits up like I did this evening, thank christ I didn't bet on those games.

Only saw a few 'highlights' of the pool game as I was out playing football myself. Momo is dire. Gerrard out of form. Crouch is a moody fucker and Marseille deserved to win, fair fucks to them.

Great action elsewhere, some nice strikes in the Real, werder and chelsea games but as for dida... you sir should be shot. Any wonder when the fucker comes from the country that brought us this:

Anonymous said...

jeez jj no room for you on the psychic friends network, your predictions right up there with didas performance(s).

Mark V said...

jj - you are officially banned from making predictions, I have a deal set up with Mark Lawrenson to come in....

JJ said...

In fairness lads, six away wins and celtic beating milan, it's not like it was a normal night around europe. Even the fuckin greeks won, they invented gayness sure.

It's only real men like me and lawro who put our necks on the line!!!!

Anonymous said...

Real men like me and lawro........oh the horror!!

JJ said...

There was a hint of tongue in cheek there boss. I couldn't grow a decent tache for one....;o)

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