Friday, 5 October 2007

ODF 05 Oct Podcast Online

Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online now.

We discuss:
Fixtures & Results - Premiership & Champions League

Pub Talk: Sven & the old ladies, Luque, Toshack, Gerrard, Bribery, Gregory, Barton, Wise, Carrick & Ronaldo

Featured section - We hate Jamie Redknapp. Some Youtube links:
Swears on TV
His love for Cristiano
Keys & Redknapp
Get in
Jay Z fans?

But we don't hate his wife, Louise. Oh no.

AOB - we finish the show with some listener comments and thank you for your advertising support

We hope you enjoy the show.
Download it:



Mark said...

a classic bit of kamara action

Anonymous said...

Loved the podcast lads glad to hear the c**t count back up to acceptable levels although featuring Redknapp makes that pretty much a "gimme". Incidentally put a pic into my it's been a long boring day!)and came out as that fat fool Platini. But girlfriends pic came out as Elle Macpherson so what do you know I'm livin' the dream...

Mark said...

i just put a pic of avram grant into - after much whirring and creaking, it came up with dan quail, kevin kline and some guys i never heard of... I'm not sure it works well, hence the elle macpherson..:)

Tom said...

Ahem the phrase get a life springs to mind anon. Ah no I'm sure you're dating Elle..give her my best will you?

Mal said...

I hope you put money on your predicted 2-2 for the Liverpool match JJ.

JJ said...

Mal, I think we both know I didn't. Fuck it anyway.

Anonymous said...

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