Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Revie vs Clough

Hi All,
I read The Damned United recently, and it was a fascinating, semi-fictionalised account of Brian Clough's 44 days at Leeds United. Clough was a striker for Sunderland before getting a career ending injury, and wound up managing Hartepools United for 2 years before moving to Derby County in the old Division 2 in 1967. He won 2 league titles and took Derby to the semi finals of the European Cup, in which they were knocked out by Juventus thanks to a dodgy German referee.
His relationship with the Derby board, in particular, Chairman Sam Longson, came to a head in 1973, and Clough (and assistant Peter Taylor) resigned in October of that year, saying that they had been forced out. Longson wasn't a fan of Clough's popularity, outspokenness, unauthorised player purchases and frequent media work. Maybe Abramovich was reading up recently?

After various fan & player protests against the board, Clough accepted a job at Brighton
but he left less than a year to become manager of Leeds United following Don Revie's departure to become manager of England. Such a move was surprising, given Clough's previous outspoken criticism of Revie and his team's playing style.
Shortly after his appointment Clough allegedly told the Leeds players that they should throw all their medals in the bin, since they'd won them unfairly. He lasted in the job only 44 days before he was sacked for a run of poor results (1 win in 6 games) and for upsetting many of Leeds's star players, notably Johnny Giles, Norman Hunter and Billy Bremner.

A few weeks ago we came across an old clip in which, just after his sacking, Revie & Clough appeared on a show to discuss the situation at Leeds. It's quite fascinating stuff, and we thought you'd like it, so here it is:

Clough went on to manage Forest, winning, amongst other things, 2 European Cups, playing tough, stylish football, and his legacy will live long in football.

My favourite quote, and there are many is: "If God had intended for us to play football in the clouds he wouldn't have put grass on the ground".



JJ said...

I think it's an excellent 20-plus minutes. Great to hear how they compare different ways of managing players and revie spouting on about his 'family' way of doing things.

There's no way you'd get something as honest or funny with any two managers today.

Anonymous said...

Read the damned also and thought it v. well written kind of dark though bit like Mcgraths' book read with a few uppers at hand. Heard Giles was furious at inaccuracies even though it is intended as semi fictional. On the subject of managers reckon Staunton let Stephen Ireland down badly this week blathering about trying everything poss. to get round him. It just shows weakness in him that he can't at least deflect attention from the problems of a 21 yr. old and take responsibility himself. Say what you like about Charlton but at least he kept McGraths' problems fairly quiet while he was in the squad

Anonymous said...

now thats how interviews should go.. 2 classic football intellects dueling away.. no overt slagging match.. little jabs and an overwhelming respect.. revie was masterful.. cloughie is the original special one alright..


Donal said...

Brilliant interview, stands in sharp contrast to today's post-MOTD bullshit

Mal said...

Aren't they going to make a film of the Damned United?

Mark said...

yep, movie on t'way

"BBC Films is producing The Damned United, based on David Peace's novel about Brian Clough. Morgan is due to write the screenplay with Stephen Frears directing and Michael Sheen playing the iconic football manager."

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