Friday, 12 October 2007

ODF 12 Oct Podcast Online

Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online now.
We discuss:
Fixtures & Results - Premiership Results & International Fixtures

Pub Talk - Sven is up to his old tricks again, Jermain Defoe's ice cream, Neil Warnock, Chelsea, Savage, Speed, Southgate and the FIFA World Player of the Year nominees.

Featured section - Where are the rubbish footballers now? Mark Atkins, Ali Dia, Ali Daei, Paul Butler, Massimo Taibi, Chris Kiwomya and Rafael Schite.

AOB - we finish the show with some listener comments

We hope you enjoy the show.
Download it:



ronan said...

i'd like to nominate William Prunier as the most unbelievably bad player i have ever witnessed. his wiki ( says he played 2 games for United, i can only remember the 4-1 defeat against Spurs which will be forever etched in my memory, as my Dad is a Spurs fan.

He was so bad he made the likes of Chris Armstrong and David Howells look good and that takes a whole lot of bad.

JJ said...

We actually covered Prunier in a 'where are they now' section a while back but yes he was atrocious. David Howells though... now there was a shit player.

I remember when it was revealed that Armstrong had failed a drugs test and the world as a whole made that ‘well it can’t have been performance enhancing drugs anyway’ gag. Shit, shit player.

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