Friday, 26 October 2007

ODF 26 OCT Podcast Online

Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online.

JJ was unavoidably engaged this week so I decided to put together a special clip show featuring:

Our very first show, we started as we meant to continue - Libel, a fashion critique of Van Basten, and Zlatko Zahovic & Communist hats.

Our Christmas Special had a number of moments as we were both dying of hangovers, and in hindsight, it was probably best not to do the show. JJ belched, he walks into a joke and how we wish there were more Champions League semi-finals so we could see John Terry cry again.

At the end I've included the segment of the show which I think defines Okey Doke Football - the Hate section. First up is Frank Lampard, followed by Pele.

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There will be a full show next week, and it is our one year anniversary of podcasting, so we will try to line up something special to mark the occasion.

Thank to all who have given their support and positive feedback over the past year.



Is this betting said...

For any Pele haters, found this on the interweb -

Dr Sanga who writes first is an absolute star.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, Keane recommends O Leary so now he's favorite....another dire few years ahead.Vow to completely ignore international football and just enjoy premiership and champions league

Mark said...

i think ignoring international football is a good policy to have. my heart has been broken so many times by it that it's hard o continue

Anonymous said...

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