Tuesday, 19 February 2008

2 Fat Guys Who Know Nothing About Football

No time for a long blog today, but here's something we came across today.
Pat Dolan & Brian Kerr (ex-Ireland manager) discuss Trapattoni's managerial career on Setanta Sports - it was all about the money he had, apparently. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8-uQaV5uyk

On a completely separate point, we won the Reader's Choice 'Best Football Podcast' award at Soccerlens
Allegations of irregular voting patterns were unproven,

Thanks for your support,


Cathal O'Brien said...

It was a fix!

Football fancast all the way...

Parrotbait said...

Congrats lads!Know nothing of what it actually means though? Bags of cash, hookers and booze or just an email from soccerlen with congratulations?

JJ said...

We're hoping that those first three things are just around the corner but for the moment it's just that email and the knowledge that we are kings among men.

odf archives - western branch office said...

Congrats Lads! The entire staff here at the Western Branch Office of the ODF Archives voted online at least 10 times each. Some even voted for YOUR show!

Mark said...

was I the only one who never heard of football fancast before this?

anyway, thanks odf archives,
on behalf of JJ and myself, I'd like to thank Satan and all his minions for making all this happen, and I'd like to thank myself, cos i'm great