Monday, 25 February 2008

Weekend Review

Spurs 2-1 Chelsea
Fair play to Spurs for winning their first trophy in 9 years and also giving all us Chelsea haters a moment to savour. It may not be the most prestigious trophy but it seems no-one told the players that. Robbie Keane did a passable impression of a hat-trick scoring, World Cup winner while John Terry raged and sulked at the dying of his dream. Nice.

Newcastle 1-5 Man Utd
Let me just trot out the 'Newcastle are a shambles' cliche and get on with it. An expected win for United left Keegan still seeking his first win. How long before the crowd turns? Up next: Blackburn & Liverpool.

Birmingham 2-2 Arsenal
Eduardo's horrible injury has overshadowed this result somewhat. Arsenal now have a 3 point lead with an inferior goal difference. Wenger will hope Van Persie finally makes a comeback in the coming weeks. Walcott looks either brilliant or shite depending on the game but 2 goals could kick-start his Arsenal career. Hmmm, think that has been said before....
William Gallas displayed all his Chelsea connections by raging at the dying of the 3 points and behaving like John Terry. Was he mad at Clichy, who made a clean tackle? The referee whose mistake it was? The injustice of dropping 2 points? Whatever it was, it didn't send a good message to players and fans.

Liverpool 3-2 Boro
Congrats to Fernando Torres, a truly class player who has removed all doubts regarding his ability to adapt in England.

Fulham 1-2 Villa
Scott Carson is a strange goalkeeper. Often looking imperious, he has made some pretty basic mistakes this season for England and Villa. Shorey's (hardly brilliant) freekick creeped in the corner at the end of the game, Carson is one to watch as the pressure mounts towards the end of the season


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JJ said...

Fair fucks to Spurs, hope they go on and win the Uefa cup against Bayern now.

Elsewhere, the fact that Arsenal's captain and manager both acted like babies on saturday can only send out good signals to slur alex. The last few months of the season are shaping up to be brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Could'nt agree more,I was delighted for Spurs annd Robbie Keane.Was "JT"(!)crying again yesterday?? What a tit,maybe he should Arsenal!!