Friday, 8 February 2008

ODF 07 Feb Podcast Online

Hi All,
our latest podcast is online now.

We discuss:

  • Results & Fixtures - Premier League and Internationals
  • Pub Talk - the offbeat news of the week in a handy 12 minutes
  • Featured Section - the Legend of Franco Baresi
  • Comments from the blog
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We've been nominated for 'Best Football Podcast' at Soccerlens (yes, we were surprised too). If you like what we're doing and want to help us get some publicity, please visit the following link to vote.

Mark & JJ



Well to be Fair said...


Good work Lads nice to get a bit of recognition

Mark said...

Cheers, appreciate it

Cathal O'Brien said...

What do ye win???

Mark said...

a big slap up grill for two and loads of dusky young maidens satisfying our every sordid whim.

cf: Bottom...

Mal said...

Have to say that I'm very surprised by this but not at all surprised by this. What is Keane on? He sounds like one of the prawn sandwich brigade.

Mark said...

yea, was surprised to see Keane saying that, why would he want it?

and i wouldn't want to be David Gill when Fergie gets him :)

the 7 subs rule is good though, 5 is too little

JJ said...

Keane's quotes are so odd, you can't actually imagine him saying it. To be honest, I have a feeling he's just trying to amuse himself more than anything else and see what reaction comes from other managers and the press.

I like the way Ferguson chucked in an excuse for the shite showing at spurs last week though. Yip, if only ye had chris eagles in reserve Spurs would have crumbled. Wine at lunch isn't always a good idea Alex.

Mal said...

I don't think that Fergie restricts his wine intake to lunch.
Keane's comments are bizare. Has he sold out to corporate greed, like the rest of the premiership?

JJ said...

He may be appeasing Nasty Niall up in the boardroom. Playing one game in Eastern Sudan, or whatever place they end up, might just make back some of that money Keano paid for his eleven strikers.

Mal said...

Big Niall is the nastiest man in Eadestown co. Kildare. He could take over from Simon Cowell on American Idol.
Good point on the strikers. Maybe Keane is trying to copy the Dick Advocat tactics against Ireland when he played 4 strikers and lost 1-0 in 2001.

Anonymous said...

That was Louis Van Gaal,you knob!! Congrats on the nomination lads,I just voted and you're fuckin miles ahead! Looks more crooked than a US presedential election.(Cynical?ME? no!)