Thursday, 14 February 2008

ODF 14 Feb Podcast Online

Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online.

We discuss:

Results and Fixtures - Premier League, FA Cup and a full Champions League preview

Pub Talk - Trapattoni takes centre stage as we consider the appointment. Also news on Dowie, United fans, Liverpool's stadium and much more.

Featured Section - In light of the Premier League's ridiculous plans for the 39th game, we have a brief look over some of football's most stupid ideas. Yes, Sepp Blatter does feature....

Comments - We round out the show with some posts & emails

Hope you enjoy it,
Mark & JJ

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Anonymous said...

"Huhuh, he's a fucking idiot." "Hehehe, he's a wanker." "Huhuhu! He's a fucking fool!"

There's lighthearted and then there's just moronic. You're definitely the latter.

Mark said...

fair enough point i suppose, we rambled on a bit in the last show. I'm wondering is it good or bad to be compared to beavis and butthead?

anyway, it's pretty much what we do every week, and although the phrase was harsh, i stand by my comments about benitez though.

i can't remember who we said were wankers and fools....

JJ said...

Can't please all the people all the time I suppose. I thought we did a decent show myself anonymous, and for the most part it is light-hearted stuff.

We've always set our stall out to offer a different type of podcast, one which people would feel is like sitting in a pub with their mates talking about football; and from the reaction we've got since starting in October 2006 people who listen to the show generally get that concept.

Buckley said...

What i don't like is the childish name calling without any way of backing it up.

Mark, you say it was harsh, yet you stand by it. Well which one is it? He's a cunt, tell us why then?

Anyway, keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

I don't see it as childish it's usually pretty valid points told without the spin censorship and inanity of bbc/sky analysis. Anyway generally it's honest and completely unbalanced...good stuff lads.

Mark said...

buckley, if i was more eloquent i could put it better, but what i meant was that i shouldn't have used the word 'fucking', which was harsh. the word idiot, is a bit extreme when talking about a man who has won what he has won, but i think this season has shown Rafa in his true light, in that he has made idiotic decisions, foolish comments, and his team are in a big funk. he used to be a good manager, but not anymore with liverpool.

aside from that, I, and i'm sure JJ too, welcome any positive or negative feedback, as it gives us a good idea of if we're doin a decent show that is enjoyable for people. in fact i relish the chance to respond with my thoughts. We record the show 'almost' live, in that we do all our preparation, then we have bullet points which we follow, and we record the show in 4/5 pieces. i don't necessarily decide i'm gonna attack Benitez (or someone else), in fact i try to tone down my comments regarding Liverpool a lot of the time (LFC are an obsession of mine), but on this occasion JJ wound me up and i responded.

anyway, to cut short, i should i have backed up my point better and will try to do so in the future.

However, the show style will stay as it is, and I will always try to call it as i see it


Well to be fair.... said...

Stan is from Dundalk not Drogheda.
The people in Drogheda dont like Stan and the people in Dundalk....well....dont like him either.

I myself am from Gun...I mean Dundalk and wouldnt back Stan in a one horsed race.